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Vous êtes ici : AccueilEXAMENSCorrection épreuve d’anglais au baccalauréat C, D, TI et E 2019
C & D & E & TI
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Section A: Grammar
I. 0,5x5 = 2,5 pt
1. to explain
2. unfortunately
3. itself
4. so as
5. hadn't given up
Il. 0,5x5 = 2,5 pt
a. Women’s
b. taken
c. will get/shall get
d. is made
e.. least interesting
III 1x5 = 5pts
a) Whoever stole the tool box must have been tall.
b) Not only did my father insist that l become a medical doctor, but he also wanted me to marry early/
— Not only did my father insist that I become a medical doctor, but that l should also marry early./
—Not only did my father insist that I become a medical doctor, but that l should marry early as well/too
c) It is generally believed that money can open all doors in the world.
d) New theories on the use of antibiotics are being developed by scientists.
e) My mother asked what l thought l was doing.

I 1x5 = 5pts
1) forcast
2) fill
3) at
4) made
5) right
II 1x5 = 5pts
1. thrilling
2. beautifully
3. belief
4. illiteracy
5. purify.

Section C : reading comprehension
1.a Inflicting pain accidentally 1 mark
2. An ethologist would most likely study the behavior of animals in their natural environment. 2 marks
3. It refers to aggression/ Aggression 1 mark
4. Displacement is (the aggressive instinct) an instinct that is directed externally towards others. 2 maks
5. This is because the author wants to show that the instinct theories are quite different from the social learning theories. 2 marks
6. Aggressive behaviour in childhood and adolescence will likely increase if the aggressive role model is rewarded rather than punished for violent behavior. 2 marks

Section D: Essay
Topic one: A talk (Informal Writing)
Candidates are expected to:
Salutation (Greet the audience and introduce yourself) e.g “Dear students”
The closing is informal: “Thank you” “Thanks for your kind attention”
Introduction of topic/ Purpose of the talk
Mention name of the school
Develop ideas on what career to choose, why, how to choose a career; conclusion

Topic 2: An Article.
Candidates are expected to:
- Give the title of the article. E. g. “NO T0 DEFORESTATION’’/ “FOREST IS LIFE” etc
- The title must be relevant to the topic.
- Write the name given at the end of the article,
- The purpose of the article
- Name at least three ways in which logging companies are damaging the forest. etc
- Say how these damages can be stopped
- Propose possible solutions to this crisis.

Topic 3: Narrative Essay
Candidates are expected to:
- Begin the story with the sentence provided
- Logically and chronologically develop the story line with relevant ideas,
e.g, name the gadgets used, how and why, when they used them and how it affected their studies negatively
- The ideas should be developed into paragraphs (at least 4)
- Use mostly the past tenses