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I. Complete the conversation below with the right item chosen from those in the brackets. (5 marks)

Sonia: Hello Adama. Did you listen to the radio last night?
Adama: Hi, Sonia. No, I didn’t. I am not fond of radio programmes. I prefer watching television in the evenings.
Sonia: I . . .. . . . . . rather listen to some good music, and more importantly, some pieces of information on radio. This makes me relax and be aware of things here and there.(prefer, would, mind)
Adama: I don’t mind . . .. . . . . . to music, but I enjoy the dramas on TV. (listened, listen, listening)
Sonia: Ok, there was a programme on how people should fight against communicable diseases. If the populations had followed these instructions, the world . . . . . . . .healthier. (would have been, would be, will be)
Adama: That sounds interesting. You are right; the more people are sensitized on the importance of washing their hands with soap and clean water, wearing face masks, avoiding physical contacts with infected people, . .. . . . . . . . . . . they become. (the most vulnerable, the most vulnerable, the vulnerable)
Sonia: Don't worry. Whatever the case, better late than never. Let's put these instructions into practice so as to save our families and other people's lives, . .. . .. . . . . . .? ( Let we, will we, shall we, do we

II. Rewrite each sentence as indicated in the brackets. Write your answers in the space provided. (5 marks)

1) ‘’The war in my region will soon stop,’’ Anita said. (Reported speech)
2) This is the farmer. He lost all his harvest in the bushfire incident. (Use a relative pronoun to join the two sentences)
3) The municipal elections were free and fair. The legislative elections were free and fair. (Rewrite as started)
Both . .. .
4) Mando worked so hard. He did not pass his entrance examination into ENSET. (Rewrite as started)
Although . . .. . . . .
5) You cannot take part in an election. You should register on the electoral list and get a voter’s card. (Link with ‘’unless)


I) Write in the space provided the words nearest in meaning to the underlined ones in the sentences. (5 marks)

1. A long time ago, mother tongues were prohibited in schools, but nowadays, they are promoted and taught in the same schools. (allowed, permitted, banned, fostered)
2. When people buy goods in bulk, the prices of their goods are reduced.( small quantity, large quantity, sufficient quantity) ……….
3. The president of our club was absent, so the vice-president had the honour to chair the meeting. (substitute, deputy, friend, chairman) …………….
4. In Cameroon, bilingualism helps to boost national integration in the context in which there are more than two hundred local languages. (enhance, hinder, impede) ……………
5. The CRTV will hire a new journalist next week for the presentation of the 8 p.m. bilingual newscast. ( dismiss, endorse, recruit, send away) …………

II) Transform the words in into the form that suits the context. (5 marks)

1) People make the .. . . . . . . of the clothes they wear according to their areas of origin. People from the west region would prefer the Ndop cloth. (to choose)
2) In Cameroon, people have the . .. . . . . . .to practise the religion that they like ; we have christians and muslims who live together despite their religious leanings. (free)
3) At the Monday morning assembly, everybody stands still when it is said, ‘’Get ready for the
. . .. . . . .of the national flag. (to hoist)
4) The . . .. . . . . .of Ngannou were very disappointed when he was beaten KO by his British opponent Anthony Joshua. (to support)
5) Some aspects of our traditions should be forbidden because their crual nature ; an example of such traditions is breast . .. . . . . .. Its perpetrators should be sued in court. (to iron)


Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow it. Use your own words as far as possible.
As has been the case for many years, jobs or forms of employment wherein employees perform a service or duty in an exchange for financial compensation, play a prominent role in society.
Furthermore, all jobs are important, as they simply wouldn’t exist if their specific responsibilities weren’t of value to employers (companies or persons that pay others for their work), customers (individuals who pay money for a product or service), and the economy generally. Teachers, or educational professionals tasked with helping students understand certain subjects and topics, are especially crucial today. In short, teachers help their students to become qualified for their future careers.
Doctors, or medical professionals who specialize in providing health-related assistance to patients are some of the most respected individuals in America and the world. It’s the responsibility of doctors to help those who feel less-than-stellar to determine the underlying health issues and recommend an effective treatment (or remedy to a disease, disorder, or condition). There are quite a few types of specialty doctors in America, all of whom can be referred to simply as ‘’Doctor’’. Dentists (mouth/teeth doctors), dermatologists (skin doctors), and psychiatrists (mental-health doctors) are just a few examples of the many different types of doctors. Additionally, nurses are medical professionals who help to administer doctor-ordered treatments to patients. Police officers are law enforcement professionals whose job is to protect citizens, solve crimes, and assure that rules and regulations are followed. Similarly, firefighters serve the public by responding to fires (and other emergency situations) and using high-tech equipment to extinguish these fires, while bringing any individuals who are in danger to safety.
Farmers maintain fields of crops (or vegetable/fruit plants) and/or collections of animals with the intention of selling these products as food. Chefs or cooks prepare meals in professional settings, including restaurants, cafeterias, and other venues wherein food and drink are sold, for customers.
Chefs are generally experienced in cooking and managing kitchens. Waiters bring menus, beverages, meals, and ultimately, the check (or a bill of the foods and drinks purchased in a transaction) to tables in restaurants and other establishments that serve food. Artists produce art, or works of creative significance, including music, paintings, drawings, poetry, writing and more.

1. What does this text talk about? (1 mark)
2. List four (04) types of jobs from the text. (1 mark)
3. List two types of professionals and their roles in the domain of restaurants and cafeterias? (2 marks)
4. List two types of professionals and their roles in the protection of citizens as stated in the text. (2 marks)
5. List two (02) types of specialty doctors from the text and their domains of intervention. (2 marks)
6. Among the different types of jobs mentioned in the text, thanks to which one do people have foodstuff to cook in their home? How can someone in order not to depend on it ? (2 marks)


Write a composition of between 250 and 300 words on any ONE of the following topics.

1) You have completed your studies in accounting and you are looking for a job. ENEO has advertised the post of an accountant. Write a letter of application to theGeneral Manager of ENEO, Douala. Focus on your qualifications and your experience and say how you will improve the output of the company . Your name is Sopenou Emmanuel and your address is P.O. Box 53, Gamboura.
2) Early marriage is still a reality in some parts of the world. Parents send their daughters too early in marriage, depriving them of their right to education. What do think of his practice ? In a well-organised composition, bring out the importance of education, how this lack of education will negatively affect the girl’s life; however, you will also suggest two advantages that can be derivedfrom early marriage.
3) In your capacity as the Regional Delegate for the Ministry of Communication, you have been invited to speak to the students of Government Bilingual High School Etug-Ebe on the occasion of World Computer Literacy Day under the theme, ‘’ Responsible use of ICT tools’’. In your address, you will focus on :
• The definition of ICTs and naming of some of them ;
• How ICT tools can help students improve their school results;
• How they can facilitate social relationships ;
• How their abusive use can negatively impact on the youths.