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Section A: Grammar 10 MARKS

I. Fill in the blank spaces with suitable expressions of your own.
l) Ambe John . . . . . . born in Kousseri
2) Judith is the presenter . . . . . 8pm news broadcast.
5) Mr. Smith is a very good teacher. In tact he is .. . . . . teacher l have ever come across
4) Bessem is . . . . . . nice person that many people like to work with her.
5) The plane took . . . . . . . at exactly eight o’clook.

II. Fill in each blank space the appropriate form of the expression in the brackets.
1) The mangoes . . . . . (to classify) according to their species.
2) l wish l . . . . . . (to know) the importance of English in Form Three.
3) Chinese are . . . . . .(easy) identified in a crowd.
4) By the year 2050, many youths in Cameroon . . . . . jobs. to have)
5) Would you mind . . . . . .(to lend) me some money please?

SECTION B: Vocabulary - 10 MARKS

I. Fill in each blank with an appropriate word chosen from the brackets.
1) You can use a . . . . .. to cut and any tern in your computer. (monitor, drop, keyboard, mouse, highlight, paste)
2) The doctor . . . . . . some medication for my sick mother. (mentioned, described, prescribed)
3) Sarah Etonge is the winner of the Mount . . . . Cameroon (race, tournament, running)
4) In the game at football, the player whose job is to keep the ball from touching the net is called the . . . . . … . (goal getter, goal guard, goal keeper)

ll. Complete this cloze text with suitable words from those in the list below.

(way - terrific - road - heavy - last - spoilt - shield - crowd - no)

Did you go to the stadium . . . . . Sunday? I could not make my . . . . . through the . . . .so l decided to watch the match on T.V. The first half of the match was very good. Unfortunately, . . . . . rain . . . . . .the second half.


Read the text and answer the questions which follow. As far as possible, use your own words.

Confucius begins with the following advice: take pleasure in learning. Stay in touch with distant friends. Do not look for compliments.
He then directs these words of wisdom to young people: obey your parents and elders. Do not make too many promises, and be sure to keep all the promises you do make. Think good thoughts about everyone. Study good manners.
Confucius points out that good people do not become unhappy if their good deeds go unnoticed. Rather, unhappiness comes from not noticing the good deeds of others. He urges leaders to show good moral values in order to gain the respect of their subjects.
Govern the people by regulations, keep order among them by chastisements, and they will flee from you, and lose all self-respect. Govern them by moral force, keep order among them by ritual, and they will keep their self-respect and come to you of their own accord.
Confucius goes on to say that young people should behave with virtue so that their parents do not need to worry about them. He points out that good people consider all respects of a question, not just the aspect that directly affects them. Finally, he defines knowledge as recognizing what you don't know as well as what you do know.
Confucius states that the most painful things to see are narrow-minded rulers, insecurity, and fake fears. He urges everyone to behave like the good people that they know and to ignore the bad behaviors of others. He advises us to avoid saying things that we do not mean and to be true to our word; Confucius says; “Study in order to learn something, not to impress other people".

l) What two things does Confucius recommended we should love to do if we want to maintain our social relationship?
2) Name four main classes of people he is concerned about, and the duties he assigns to them.
3) The writer hates four things. Enumerate them.
4) According to the text, what could make the common man run away from those in constituted authority?
5) If you had to add one piece of advice to the text, write it and justify your suggestion.
i) Advice
ii) Justification


Write an essay of about 250 - 300 words on One of the following topics.
1) You have passed your entrance examination into one of the prominent universities in Cameroon. Many of your friends do not share in your happiness because they do not like to study in Cameroon. They think that one can only succeed if one goes abroad. Write a speech in which you convince them about studies in Cameroon.
2) There is a lot of emphasis on Mother Tongue Education these days. Many schools have instituted the teaching and learning of these languages. What is your stand on this?
5) Multimedia centres have been created in many secondary schools in Cameroon.
You are the president of the students’ Association and you would like your school to be equipped with these materials and trained teachers. Write a letter to the Minister of Secondary Education to this effect. Your name in NDONGO Nebi and the name of your school is GSS in the Centre Region of Cameroon.