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The paragraph below is about ETAME and his father MOKOKO. Read it and ansqer the questions. Tick the boxes with the correct answers. One example has been done for you.

My name is ETAME and my father’s is Mr NIOKOKO. He went to school at the age eight and now he is sixty years old.
When he completed his primary education, he was employed as a secretary in the Bamenda City Council. My Father was a good clerk and everybody liked him.
At the age of twenty five, my father got married to a tall and beautiful woman called Lucy. My parents had five children: three boys and two girls. My Father is now old and retired. He can no longer works in the City Council because of his age. However, he does some little work in his poultry farm and flower garden. Now, he gels his money from the sale of chicken from his poultry farm and flower from his flower garden.
My father and mother live happily and always go about in the village together. What a happy couple!

Tick \(\angle \) the boxes with the correct answers.

Example: What is the name of ETAME’s father?
a) Lucy
b) Mr MOKOKO \(\angle \)

l. How old is ETAME’s father? ( 3 mks)
a) Seventy years
b) Five years
c) Sisty years
2. What was the profession of ETAME’s father? (3 mks)
a) A clerk
b) A father
c) driver
3. Where did ETAME's father work? (3 mks)
a)) In Douala City Council
b) Bamenda City Council
c) Yaounde City Council
4. Al what age did ETAMEs father get married? (3 mks)
a) Twenty
b) Twenty five
c) Thirty
5. Which two activities did Mr MOKOKO carry out to get money after leaving the City Council ? (3 mks)
a) Working in the poultry.
b) Working in the flower garden
c) Working in a poultry farm and in a flower garden

Fill in the blank spaces with suitable words from the passage

6 Mr MOKOKO got married to a . . . . . . and . . . . . . .woman. (2 mks)
7. Mr MOKOKO had five children : . . . . . .girls and . . . . . . . boys. (2 mks)

Write Yes or NO
Did Mr and Mrs MOKOKO live happily in the village? . . . . . . .. . (1 mk)