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ANGLAIS : Grammar and Vocabulary

I. GRAMMAR (10 marks)

A. Choose the correct interrogative pronoun from the list below and fill in the blanks. (1 x5=5 marks)

Whose — When — Why — How — What

l) what are you doing?
2) why are you crying?
3) when do you celebrate the national youth day?
4) How. many goats have our neighbour?
5) whose. Dada, remove these clothes outside! clothes are they?

B. Here are some sentences. Read them carefully. Choose the correct word from the brackets and fill in the blanks. (1 x5=5marks)
a) My father is the tallest in our family (tall, taller, tallest).
b) I am the shortest in my class (short, shorter, shortest).
c) l planted an orange tree in my farm (an, a, few).
d) Last week we washed our c-clothes and shoes (washing, washed, washes).
e) I see with my two eyes (noses, legs, eyes).

IL VOCABULARY (10 marks) 

A. Here are some sentences. Read them carefully. Then fill in the blank spaces with the correct word from the brackets. (1 x 5 = 5 marks)
l. Joseph is our father's brother. He is our uncle (uncle, ankle, angle).
2 I like cooking sick every Saturday (beans, bake, beach).
3. My grandmother is stone She needs treatment (sad, sick, happy).
4. People were running because the mad man had a stone in his hands (stone, food, money).
5. I saw a snake in the grass (grass, class, glad).

B. Read the sentences carefully. Choose the correct word from the list and fill in the blanks. (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

luggage — spectators — come down — headmaster — film

l. He watched a frightful film last night.
2. The spectators cheered their players until the match ended
3. At the end of every term, the headmaster addresses the pupils.
4 His luggage did not arrive until late last night.
5 Please driver, l will come down from the bus at Tiko.