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The passage below is about fishing in a village in Cameroon called Ebebda. Read it carefully and answer the questions that follow by ticking the correct answer or giving your own answer.
An example has been done for you.

My village is called Ebebda in the Centre Region of Cameroon. It is found along road to Yaounde from Bafia when coating from the West Region. The main activity of children and adults in this is fishing. Fishing is done in River Sanaga. Both young and old people do fishing as their occupation. Fish selling in Ebebda helps parents to pay school fees for their children, buy books, clothes, food as well as medicines when their children fall sick. The unsold fish is sometimes given to relatives who are old and can no longer fish. The Ebebda people are very rich because of their fishing occupation.


Tick the box that has the correct answer. Each question carries 4 marks.
Example: Ebebda is found in the:
a- West Region
b- Centre Region
c- South-West Region
d- North Region
1- The name of this village is:
a- Bafoussan
b- Yaounde
c- Ebebda
d- Bafia.
2- The occupation of these people is:
a- farming
b- sewing
c- fishing
d- hunting
3- The people of Ebebda catch their fish from:
a- River Ebebda
b- River Nyong
c- River Senegal
d- River Sanaga
4- Give two reasons why the people like fishing.
5- Give one reason why you would like to be an Ebebda girl or boy.