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The passage below is about celebrations. Read it attentively and answer the questions that follow.

Write the correct answer in the space provided below.
There are many celebrations throughout the year. These celebrations can be religious or non-religious. Some of the religious celebrations are Christmas, Ramadan, Easter, Tabaski etc.
They are celebrated once every year. Christmas and Easter are celebrated by Christians while Ramadan and Tabaski are celebrated by Muslims. During these celebrations, family members travel far and near to celebrate with loved ones. There is always much to eat and drink. Each of these celebrations begins with prayers in the different places of worship. Christians go to church and Muslims to mosques. There is a lot of sharing during these celebrations. Most parents take their children to the village for these celebrations. They believe celebrations in the countryside or villages are more interesting than in towns because spiritual importance is still attached to these celebrations in villages.

1- These celebrations are observed by different people. What do Christians celebrate?
a) Ramadan 4 marks
b) Both Christmas and Ramadan
c) Christmas and Easter
2- Which feasts mentioned above are celebrated by Muslims?
a) Christmas and Tabaski
b) Ramadan and Tabaski 4 marks
3- These celebrations take place at different times of the year. How many times does each of these celebrations take place each year? 4 marks
a) Twice a year
b) ‘Thrice a year
c) Once a year
4- The passage tells us some parents take their children to the village for celebrations.
What reason did they give? 4 marks
a) In the villages, people still attach spiritual importance to the celebrations.
b) People do not spend much in the village.
c) None of these
5 Not all celebrations are religious. Name any two non-religious celebrations in your country. 4 marks