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Instructions : (40 Marks)

Answer all the questions in each section. Follow the instructions given at each stage carefully and answer the questions.

Section A : Dictation (10 marks).

Listen attentively as the teacher reads and complete each sentence with the missing word. Each correct word is 1 mark.
In my family, there are many members. We live at Kumba with a dog. My father is a taxi driver while my mother is a nurse. At school, we study and also play many games with children of the other classes. I will like to be a pilot in the future to fly and land in an airport with my aeroplane.

Section B: Grammar (10marks)

I) Below are some sentences. Read them carefully and complete them with the correct answers chosen from the brackets (7marks)
1) Yesterday, we came back late from school. (off, from , for )
2) We arrived home when the rain was falling. (who ,when, which)
3) We washed our hands and ate our food. (washing, washes , washed)
4) Mickey runs faster than Mike. (fastly, fasting , faster )
5) I planted an orange tree in the farm. (a , an , few )
6) We live in a small house. (at , in, on)
7) Bella is a good girl. She studies very hard. (She, they, he)

II) The sentences in column A below are incomplete. Use an arrow to match each one of them to its corresponding part in column B so that it forms a complete sentence.

1 Ex. We are writing an examination.
2 My sister is sick of malaria.
3 The policemen caught the thief.
4 Our teacher will take us to the zoo.

Section C: Vocabulary (10 marks)

I) Words opposite in meaning are called antonyms. Read and complete each sentence below with the opposite of the words in brackets. Choose your answer from the list below. (0.5 mark each).
List: Behind, tall, clean, old, early, good.
Example: Mafang is a tall boy. (short)
1) The children come to school early. (late)
2) The goats are behind the house. (in front of)
3) We are very good children. (bad)
4) We wear clean uniforms to school. (dirty)
5) Our teacher is an old woman. (young )

II) You have learnt about the singular and the plural of nouns. Below are some nouns. Write their plural forms. (0.5 mrk each)

SN Words Plurals
1 Bench Benches
2 Tree Trees
3 Bench Benches
4 Book Books
5 Man Men
6 Foot Feet

III) Underline the word whose vowel sound is different from the others in each set.
Example: show, know, now, snow
1) shall, ball, call
2) sun, bus , pull

Section D: Reading Comprehension. (10marks)

Below is a text about the activities of Akoa. Read it carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Akoa is a very good pupil of class six. He obeys his parents and shows respect for elders. In the morning, he washes the plates, bathes, takes his breakfast and goes to school. As he goes to school, he is always neat and you can never see him insulting people or fighting. After school, he does all his home work and watches news with the rest of the family.

Answer the questions by putting a tick (√) on the letter of the correct answer.
1) In what class is Akoa?
A) Class Three
B) Class Six √
C) Nursery Two

2) Which of these words can be used to describe Akoa?
A) Rude and stubborn.
B) Dirty and playful.
C) Obedient and hard working. √

3) List two things Akoa does in the morning before he goes to school.
A) Plays football and fetches water
B) Watches the news and does home work.
C) Washes plates and bathes. √

1) According to the text, state two bad habits that Akoa should avoids.

2) Suggest a title for this text.
Akoa the good boy
A good boy


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