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Section A: grammar marks (10 marks)
I 0,5x5 = 2,5 marks
1. had studied
2. had left
3. would have arrived
4. naughtiest
5. Well
II 1x 5 = 5 marks
1. Before Afa went out for the evening, she first washed her hair. / Before going out for the evening, Afa first washed her hair.
2. Neither Quinta’s mother nor Nadia’s father attended the PTA meeting;
3. Unless you prepare this/ the food, you won’t eat it.
4. In spite of the fact that he is very sick, he decided to help us. / In spite of his ( serious / critical / grave) sickness/ illness/ill-health, he decided to help us. / In spite of his (critical, serious, grave etc) sickness / state of health, he decided to help us. / In spite of being (seriously, critically, grievously etc) sick, he decided to help us.
5. As soon as Lucia left for work, the baby sitter abandoned the baby and went to a neighbour’s house.
III 0,25 x 5 = 2,5 marks
1. Mary left the market before the rain started.
2. I would rather go to the market than wash these dresses.
3. My brother is already sleeping so it can’t be him playing music.
4. I look forward to meeting you and discussing your qualifications.
5. The children were so tired that they could not walk.

I- 01 x 3 = 3 marks
1. Deadly
2. Stopped working
3. To receive physical examination / consult a doctor
II 01 x 2 = marks
1. Encourages / persuades / prompts / spurs / influences / pushes etc.
2. Love / affection / liking / adoration / fondness / warmth/ devotion etc.
III 01 x 5 = 5 marks
1. illiterate/ analphabetic
2. transmits
3. sites / attractions
4. addict
5. wea1th/ riches / possessions / treasure / fortune / assets/ property / funds / resources / belongings etc.

l Section reading comprehension (10 marks)
1. You can find a great number of cases of indiscipline in urban centre. / The consequences of indiscipline on students are that they lead them into drug abuse, vandalism, moral depravity and result into falling standard of education. 1 mark
2. No. This is because punishment creates in students the feeling of fear. / It can make them become ‘hostile or rebellious against college authorities. / It imposes forceful discipline on students. 1 mark
3. . Uncontrolled enrolment that results in large-class sizes can make students become indisciplined and provoke their teachers to punish them. / the poor programming of subjects can make students run into trouble and therefore be punished by teachers / Students’ ‘lack of didactic materials can cause distraction during lessons and make teachers punish them. / the poor location of some schools like near markets, football fields can lure students into going to these places, being absent from lessons and consequently leading to them being punished. 1 mark
4. Administrators should: reduce the number of enrolment in classes; program subjects appropriately; ensure that students and teachers have didactic materials; ensure that schools are well located, secured and guarded; give priority to discipline and good conduct, making them indispensable components of objectives of their schools. 1 mark
5. . a) Teachers can be blamed for a child’s behavior in school.
This is because some teachers do not take enough pains to prepare their lesson notes so as to make their lessons captivating and interesting to students. OR Teachers can be blamed because they do not take enough pains to prepare their lesson notes and therefore make monumental errors that expose their inadequacy, leading students to criticize them "thereby getting into trouble.
b) Parents can be blamed for a chi1d’s behavior in school.
This is because they do not perform their parental duties as initial teachers of their own children. OR Parents can be blamed for a chi1d’s behavior in school. This is because certain parents make their children believe that they cannot be punished because of their social status and this leads them into becoming recalcitrant.
c) Peer pressure can also be a cause of a chi1d’s behavior at school. This is because some licentious students mislead their friends who are of good upbringing. 1 mark
6. Examples: the non-enforcement of school rules can lead to indiscipline in students. / Failure to involve students in school management or failure to consider their opinions in the drawing up school rules/ poverty / hunger / anger / discrimination etc. 1 mark
7. Yes/ No1 Justification. 2 marks

Section D: writing
Topic 1: talk - informal
Presentation / layout 2 marks
-Salutation(Greet the audience and introduce yourself) '
Introduction of Topic
—Main Body
-Thanking the audience
-Invitation of Questions (Optional)
Content 4 marks
- Show of understanding of the topic
- Appropriate development of the points indicated
- Conclusion
Accuracy 4 marks
- Respect of grammatical, lexical and spelling rules
-Correct sentence building.
-Use of appropriate vocabulary and precision
-Correct spellings l
-Correct punctuations

Topic 2: formal letter
Presentation / layout 3 marks
-Sender’s address
-Receiver’s address
-Salutation—formal (Dear Sir/Madam; Dear Mr./Mrs ...)
—Closing --- formal. Yours Faithfully that goes with Dear Sir/Dear Madam/ Yours Sincerely that goes with Dear Mr… or Dear Mrs.
—Signature --- Full name (T he given Name)
Content 4 marks
Body that develops the various points indicated
Accuracy 3 marks
- Respect of grammatical, lexical and spelling rules
- Correct sentence building.
- Use of appropriate vocabulary and precision
- Correct spellings
- Correct punctuations

Topic 1: narrative
Content- relevance and coherence
-relevant introduction
-logical development of the points. This will depend on how the candidate decides to expose his/her ideas.
-relevant topic sentences and developing ideas that are all connected to the points
- reveliavant conclusion

- Respect of grammatical, lexical and spelling rules
- Correct sentence building.
- Use of appropriate vocabulary and precision
- Correct spellings
- Correct punctuations

-appropriateness in paragraphing - indentations
-respect of length


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