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Section A: grammar 10 marks

l.1. had written
l.2. did not use to/ never used to
1.3. put
• He said that he would see me / you tomorrow
• He says that he will see me/you the next day
• lf I had studied hard, I would have passed my exam
• If I had some money, l would have bought a car.

ll.a a,
II.b of,
II.c so,
II.d from,
II.e. at


l.1. save
l.2. trophies
l.4. custody

ll.1 employee,
II.2 opportunity,
II.3 sight,
II.4. sales,
II.5. ticket


1. They agreed to send him one animal to be eaten each day if he stopped killing them.
2. Numskull plans to kill the rabbit and to eliminate the other animals the following / next morning
3. The rabbits said he met another great lion living in a mighty fortress who is on enemy la Numskull.
4.a. Yes he saw a lion and heard its roar
4.b. No
4.c. Justification: he saw his awn reflection and heard the echo of his roar.
5. Suggested answers
a. l will give him a crown to became the King at the animals because at his intelligence
b. l will give a lot at carrots because rabbits like carrots.


Topic 1: a formal speech

A speech presented by the Minister of Secondary Education on the importance of Libraries in Schools
Suggested greetings: to the target audience:
• The principal,
• Members at stall,
• Parents,
• Students,
• Education family,
• Ladies and Gentlemen.

Possible points on the importance of libraries in schools
• It is a bank at knowledge where research could be carried out.
• Provides ready material for users
• It is an ideal environment for exchange at information among users and also get guidance from librarians.
• It has a collection of books and ICT gadgets which users can consult or borrow
• Libraries are normally calm and conducive for studying
• Well stocked library widens the students’ horizon on his immediate environment and that of others.

Complimentary close
Long live the education family
Long live the Ministry of Secondary Education.

Topic 2: argumentative

Suggested points for and against

Video games help Video games derail
Provided students a wide variety of instructive material on different subjects they learn in school
Builds their competence in language use (chess, scrabble, word puzzles, etc.)
Develops thinking skills
Develops alertness
Socialise and entertain
Source 0f distraction when they become an addiction
Sometimes it strains relationship
Cultivate violence

Topic 5: formal letter -A letter of compliant

Bisi Joan
Victoria City

The anti-corruption commission

Dear sir/madam

State the complaint
Give a detail description of what happened
Should state the consequences of the act on the victim (individual, group of people or the community)
Could suggest possible punishment to be meted on the criminal
Complementary close:
Yours faithfully / Sincerely / Truly
Some incidents of corruption
• In schools
• Students bribing teachers for marks
2. Recruitment into public and private offices
5. Between law officers and drivers