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Answer all questions

Section A : Grammar 10 MARKS

I) Fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate forms of the expressions in the brackets

I) By the time Shakespeare died, he . . . . . . many books. (to write)
2) When I was a child, I. . . . . . (nut used ta) cook.
3) Have you . . . . . . .(to put) the pen in your bag?
4) Write in reported speech. “I will see you tomorrow". . . . . . .
5) If I had . . . . . . . .. (complete the sentences)

II) Complete this cloze text with suitable expressions of your own
Professor Kong . . . . . .is well-known lecturer History. In fact, he is . . . . . popular that that he cannot pass anywhere unnoticed. Apart . . . . . being a good lecturer, he is also very good . . . . .basketball.

SECTION B: Vocabulary 10 MARKS

I) Fill in each blank space with the appropriate word chosen from the brackets
I) Always . . . . . . your money in the blank. (safe, serve, save)
2) Good athletes often win . . . . . .. (flags, trophies, progress reports)
5) The money you sent . . . . .me to meet up with some pressing needs. (did, permitted, enabled)
4) The policeman arrested the suspect and kept him in . . . . . . (custody, court, prison yard)
5) I was . . . . .if you could lend me some money. (Wandering, wondering, worrying)

ll) Complete this close text with suitable words from those in the list below

(Sells, crowd, employee, hawkers, ticket, sight, opportunity, sales)

I am an . . . . . in a tourism company so l wanted to use this . . . . . .to go . . . . . seeing. Since. I am a . . . . . person, l knew how to get a cheap. . . . . .


Read the text and answer the question which Follow. As For as possible, use your own words

Numskull and the Rabbit
A lion king named Numskull lived in a forest. He was filled with foolish pride. Numskull constantly killed the other animals. One day, all the other animals - deer, boars, buffaloes, wild oxen, rabbits, and others — got together, and begged the lion king to stop the killing. They suggested a deal. lf Numskull will stop the slaughter, they will send one animal to be eaten each day. After listening to them, Numskull agreed to the deal. However, he threatened to eat them all if one animal did not come each day to be eaten.
One day, it being a rabbit-day, the rabbit's turn came. And when the thronging animals bad given him directions, he reflected: “How is it possible to kill this lion-curse him! l can kill even a lion." So he went very slowly, planning to arrive tardily, and meditating with troubled spirit on a means at killing the lion.
Finally, the rabbit reached the place where Nuntskull was waiting.
Numskull was thinking about how hungry he was. He was also angry that the rabbit was late and decided he would kill all the animals the next morning. “First, you are too small for a meal", Numskull said. “Second, you are tardy. Because of this wickedness l am going to kill you and tomorrow morning, l shall eliminate all other species of animals". The rabbit made up a story about how he met another great lion. The rabbit claimed that the other lion lived in a mighty fortress and the lion was Numskull's enemy. He implied that Numskull should fight the other lion, even though this lion was hiding in a strong fortress.
When he heard this, Numskull said: “My fellow, show me that thief. Even if he is hiding in a fortress, I will kill him". He took Numskull to a deep well, claiming that the other lion had crawled into it in fear. And the lion being a dreadful fool saw his own reflection in the water and gave voice to a great roar.
Then from the well came a roar twice loud, because of the echo. This lion heard, decided that his rival was very powerful, hurled himself down, and met his death. Thereupon the rabbit cheerfully carried the glad news to the animals, received their compliments, and lived there contentedly in the forest.

l) What agreement did the animal have with Numskull?
2) What did Numskull plan to do since rabbit was late?
3) What story did the rabbit tell the lion once he was in his presence?
4) Did Numskull see a lion in the well and did he hear a lion's roar? Does this mean that there was another lion king in the well? Justify your answer.
5) If you were one of the animals in the forest, what would you propose as a “thank you" gift to the rabbit? Why would you propose that particular gift?


Write an essay of about 250 - 300 words on one of the following topics
l) Many schools do not have libraries. Many students do not even know the importance of libraries in schools. You are the Minister of Secondary Education, and it is the beginning of the school year so you want to educate the community on the importance of the library. Write a speech in which you are educating the community.
2) Do video games help students in their studies or are these video games a source of distraction that could derail students from their objectives?
3) You witnessed some form of corruption recently. You would want those involved to be punished accordingly. Write to the anti-corruption commission describing what happened. Your name is Bisi Joon and you live in Victoria City.