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Section A: grammar

l. Firefighters managed to put out the flames after two hours.
2. Metal melted from the intense heat inside the burning car.
5. The streets ore crowded due to the traffic jam.
4. Bill turned the light switch but there was a power cut.
5. You can cross the railway line by walking over a foot path.
6. It is getting hard to breath due to air pollution.
7. Mary put the key in the lock but it wouldn't turn.
B. Cars have to stop for you if you are on the pedestrian crossing.
9. The computer stores large amounts of information on its hard disc.
10. The old theatre caught fire accidentally.

ll.l. Would not have been;
ll.2. Are you? ;
lI.5. Whom;
ll.4. Were;
ll.5. To addressing

lll.t. Honestly;
lll.2. Best;
lll.5. Would not have been / Wouldn't have been
lll.4. Was raining;
lll.5. Forgets

Section B: vocabulary

l.l. Downfall;
l.2. Ripe;
l.3. Time conscious
l.4. Tiring;
l.5. An advertisement

II.l. Chief;

Section C: reading comprehension

• Always use moral methods and weapons in whatever you do.
• Always be guided by goori morals in your manner of doing things and the strategies you employ.
• Never succumb to the temptation of becoming bitter
• In your search for justice, be dignified, disciplined and be controlled by love only.
• Do not allow anyone to drag you into hating him or her.
• Always avoid violence.
• As you struggle for justice, let your oppressors know that it is for their own good also and that you do not aim at defeating, humiliating or paying them back for their crimes.

2. The effect of using violence in one's struggle is that generation after generation will go through o lite of bitterness and the legacy that one would leave for the future will continuous and meaningless chaos or violence.
5. Both Negroes and White people of good will and strong moral sensitivity are those to seek the eradication at evil segregation.
4. Hatred brings you low or demeans you/Hatred makes one to lose his // her dignity and uprightness.
• Someone who is willing to do good may be liable to scorn.
• Someone who is willing to do good may he called an impractical idealist or a dangerous radical.
• Someone who is willing to do good may be imprisoned.
• Someone who is willing to do good may end up dying.

• Freedom fighters should make their enemies know that their goal is not to defeat or humiliate them.
• Freedom fighters should make their enemies know that their intentions are not to pay them hack for injustices they have suffered.
• They should make them know that they are seeking tor justice for all.
• They should make them know that segregation affects hath Negroes or Blacks and Whites.

Section D: essay

Topic 1: argumentative essay
A candidate may take a stance for or against and argue to the end with concrete examples and illustrations or do a balanced judgment for and against and may take a stance at the end.
Content and organization
• Relevance of ideas to the given topic
• Logical and coherent presentation of ideas.
• Development and organization of paragraphs

Expression language
• Language correctness/Correct tenses and syntax
• Appropriate vocabulary/Correct choice of words
• Variety of linking words participles, etc.

• Correct spellings
• Punctuations;
• Neatness

Topic 2: speech
Candidates should be able to propose vigilante strategies that will keep their communities peaceful and how to be one another’s keeper.
• Salutation that addresses from the highest to the lowest authority.
• Self introduction
• Main topic of the speech
• Stating and developing each oi the ideas
• Concluding remarks
• Closing: a word of thank you; long live that goes from the lowest to the highest authority or institution.
• Expression / language

Topic 5: informal letter
• Senders address on the upper right hand corner.
• Date
• Salutation plus comma
• Body: introduction, message and conclusion
• Closing
• Signature: your first or pet name