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Section A: GRAMMAR (10 marks)

l. Complete with appropriate expressions in the brackets, this dialogue between a doctor (Doc) Patient (Suh) . (5 marks)
Doc: Mr. Suh, how are you today?
Suh: Better, doctor.
Doc: Tell me, what really happened to you?
Suh: I got up yesterday but was feeling weak and diny. ljust realised that I was . . . . . . . . . in the hospital. (after, here, them)
Doc: What are your eating habits? Do you eat well?
Suh: At home, we . . . . . . . eat jollof rice and bread. That's our main dish. (usually, never, seldom)
Doc: Mr. Suh, I’m afraid you need to eat more balanced diets.
Suh: Err… What do you mean, Doctor?
Doc: You need to eat various types of foods in order to be strong and healthy.
Suh: Doctor, I'm a bit . . . . . . these days and I cannot afford to vary my meals, you know. (hard up, high up, hard on)
Doc: Did you eat the day you fainted’!
Suh: No. There was nothing at home.
Doc: Mr. Suh, if you want to stay healthy, you need to eat balanced meals and they must be regular. By the way, do you . . . . . . ? (smoke, smoker, smokes)
Suh: Yes, that's how l try to forget some of my problems.
Doc: Smoking . . . . . . . the right solution. It will cause you lung diseases and it can't help you in any way. Besides, make sure you rest enough after work. (aren't, wasn’t, isn't)

Il- Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the words in the brackets. (5 marks)

1. Modern technology has developed many ways of . . . . . (to send) fast messages.
2. The fax machine is one of them. To send fax . . . . . . (messenger), you need printers
3. The fax machine must be . . . . . .(connector) to a telephone line.
4. The message usually . . . . . . . .(go) immediately. But you must make sure that you touch the right buttons.
5. As soon as my mum sent her message, lights went off and she became . . . . . .(worry)


I. Choose the correct alternatives front the box and fill in the blanks. Use each item only once. More words have been given than you will need. (5 marks)

education, mothers, elvis, babies , anti-natal, hospitals, families

Among teenage women, miscarriages are more common and the babies are often born too early. These babies are usually tinier and weaker. This is because young (i) . . . . . . do not cat well especially if they are not from well to do (2) . . . . . . .or their parents are not happy with their pregnancies. Early pregnancies come when their bodies have not finished growing so the pelvis maybe too narrow for the (3) . . . . .. . to get out easily. If have to leave school early, they will miss their (4) . . . . . They may not even know anything about (5) . . . . . clinic and good nutrition. Whatever the case, parents whose teenagers fall into such temptations should assist them and ensure that all the necessary check-ups are carried out before delivery.

II. Complete these sentences with appropriate expressions of your choice. (5 marks)
l. Last weekend, my mother and I went to a . . . . . . . to eat something different from what we usually cat at home.
2. As we got there, the . . . . . . . received us with a broad smile and showed us a beautiful table.
3. She then handed the . . . . . . . .to us. We consulted it and decided to have some fried plantains and roasted chicken.
4. She brought us some fruit. . . . . . . since my mother drinks neither beer nor wine.
5. After all these, my mother paid the . . . . . . . . and we left for home very satisfied.


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. Use complete sentences and as far as possible your own words.

Technology, like all other inventions, grows and changes to meet new challenges. Years ago, when man felt cold, he learnt to make lire. When people discovered lakes and oceans, they built boats and ships to cross them. Hundreds of thousands of years after people first dreamed of travelling free from the constraints of land, they invented the airplane. People wanted a faster tool than the abacus for making mathematical calculations, so they developed the processor-then the micro-processor.
The need for a more efficient way to transport data inspired the networking technology that we know today as the Internet.
There are always ramifications of integrating new technologies into our lives, for example, profound social changes accompanied the use of fire, the building of ships, and the dawn of aviation. However, the dangers inherent in cooking on a gas stove, riding on a passenger ship or travelling in an airplane are as great as those involved in computer technologies. Yet cooking fires, ocean-borne ships, and aircraft propelled mankind into a new era. The same process occurred again recently when we entered the computer age.
What benefits has the development of “cutting-edge” technologies already given mankind? Modern technology has improved medicine and healthcare. Some people who, in an earlier era, would almost certainly be blind can opt for laser surgery to restore their vision. Modern surgical technologies have also made possible the transplant of organs such as the heart and kidney, to persons whose lives would in an earlier era, have ended prematurely.
Technology has also improved education, notably through the use of computers. Computer programmes can correct errors in grammar and spelling and can make suggestions for improving writing. It's almost like having a personal tutor close at hand.
Enhanced communication is one of the greatest benefits of computer technology. Today communication is faster, easier, wider and far-reaching than ever before. Students can do research all over the world using the internet instead of being restricted to their local library. Family members and friends can communicate all over the world through SMS texts, e-mail or as elaborate as a two-way audiovisual and real-time conversations.
Today, some people argue that the disadvantages of modem technology are more than the advantages. Some of their arguments are compelling while others are not.

(Culled and adapted from Writing and Grammar by Pearson)


l. Identify 2 ways in which technology has evolved to meet up with new challenges. (2 marks)
2. In which ways has modern technology improved medicine and health care‘? (2 marks)
3. The computer has been referred to as a “private teacher to students“. What can it do? (2 marks)
4. Give the full meanings of the following abbreviations: (2 marks)
a) SMS
b) E-mail
5. Have you ever used any modem gadgets? How do they contribute to the wellbeing of your family?
Give any two reasons not mentioned in the text. (2 marks)


Write a composition of between 250 - 300 words on any ONE of the topics below.

l. You have noticed with dissatisfaction that most people in your community do not respect the necessary measures taken by the government of your country to fight COVlD-l9. Most of them say that COVID-19 does not exist in your country. Some of them say it’s government’s strategy to get money from WHO. On the occasion of the celebration of the International Health Day, you as a youth leader of your community have decided to sensitize the people on the importance of respecting the measures the government has put in place to fight COVID 19. Write a speech in which you explain:
- What COVlD l9 is, where it originated from, symptoms and preventive measures, why you think it is persistent, and the measures people in your locality are using to prevent or cure it.
2. You are very sad because some of your family members were involved in a ghastly motor accident and they all passed away leaving behind young children. Write an essay in which you talk about;
- The major causes of road accidents,
- It‘s consequences to the relatives and the country as a whole,
- The measures the government of your country and individuals could take to solve the problem of road accidents.
3. Your uncle by name Vally smokes cigarettes. He also drinks beer and sachet whiskey like "Fighters" and “Gold Bond". He always looks drunk and tired. Many of your family members have talked to him but he still drinks and smokes. Write a letter to him informing him about.
- His present state
- The dangers of drinking sachet whiskey and smoking.
Your name is Bih Alice and your Post office box number is 798