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Answer all the questions
Section A: Grammar (10 marks)
I- Complete this dialogue with appropriate expressions chosen from the pairs in the box below.
There are more expressions than you will need. (5 marks)
if been/if being; hasn’t it/isn’t it; what/when; bitter/bitterly; hasn’t it/isn’t it; sent/ send; haven’t been / hadn’t been
Principal: Mrs Besso, how many students turned up in the Première class today? It’s a week now since schools resumed.
Mrs Besso: I . . . . .. . to all the classes this morning yet but I think only twenty have shown up so far in Première.
Principal: One would think that the COVID-19 had caught only the students of that class. With all the measures the government has put in place and from the information we’ve learnt about the pandemic, young people rarely contract the disease and even when they do, they are not seriously affected  .. . . . . . . .taken care of on time.
Mrs Besso: Haha! Sir, you talk as if you don’t know your students. Have you forgotten what they did during the online classes that were organized for them when the country was on confinement? Most of them did not participate. Their teachers complained  . . . . . . . . . . of not receiving the homework they had assigned to the students especially those of the Première class.
Principal: Madam you are right. There is a problem with our students and some of their parents. They don’t seem to integrate the idea that laptops and internet credit are an integral part of learning tools in the modern system of education. Mrs Besso: That’s a shame,  . . . . . . . .? If we  . . . . . . . . . a radio announcement I think more students will show up.

II- Fill in each blank with a suitable expression of your own so that the complete sentence makes sense. (5 marks)
1) Peanuts are  . . .  . . . important source of nutrition for one’s health.
2) They are good for the heart and the high levels of monounsaturated fats in   . . . .  .help to keep the heart healthy.
3) Oleic acid, in particular, helps to lower the LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase ‘HDL’ or  . . . . . . . cholesterol level in the blood.
4) They prevent coronary artery disease and strokes  . . . . . . .promoting healthy blood lipid profile.
5)  . . . . . . . ., peanuts help to lower the risk of diabetes by 21% due to the presence of manganese in it.

Section B: vocabulary (10 marks)
I- Complete the cloze text below with the correct words from the box. There are more words than you will need. (5 marks)
blot, relationship, television, dependence, drug, distraction, distorts The word addiction is often related to the consumption of drugs or alcohol. Most  . . . . . . addicts hardly get work or maintain good working relationships. Similarly, an alcoholic’s life is narrowed and dehumanised by his  . . . . . .on alcohol. Another form of addiction is  . . . . . . .viewing. Many youths find it almost irresistible as they put off other activities and spend most of their time watching. This experience allows them to  . . . . . . . . out the real world and enters into a pleasurable and passive mental state. This habit  . . . . . . . . the sense of time and renders other experiences vague. It weakens relationships by reducing and sometimes eliminating normal opportunities for talking or communicating.

II- Complete the sentences below with suitable expressions chosen from those in the brackets. (5 marks)
1) The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world. To protect ourselves from it, WHO advises that we wash our hands regularly and put on  . . . . . . . in public. (masses, marks,masks)
2) Some tradi-practitioners in many African countries think this pandemic can be eradicated through the use of  . . . . . . . .. (drugs, natural herbs, modern medicine)
3) Mr. Kenneth is a hardware technician and he owns a shop at the commercial Avenue at Mvog-Ada. My uncle visited the shop and bought the  . . . . . . . . . of his computer. (laptop, keyboard, desktop)
4) The popularity and wealth of Mr. Kenneth enabled him to contest in the last legislative  . . . . . . . . .which was highly contested in his constituency. (ballot, election, candidate)
5) Yesterday, at one of the busiest roundabouts in town, a Police Officer impounded a taxi for a traffic . . . . . . . . . that the driver committed. He had violated traffic lights. (jam, light, offence)

Section C: reading comprehension (10 marks)
Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow it in the spaces provided. Use complete and correct English sentences and, as far as possible, your own words.
Warning signs of a poverty mentality When was the last time you gave any serious thought to your priorities, and where you spend your energy? Can you say with certainty that you are completely focused on ‘abundance’ and not on ‘lack’?I don’t think people are born with an abundance mentality or a lack mentality. I think for many of us, our priorities are the result of subtle, subconscious ‘programming’ that determine our approach to just about everything in life. Instead of being programmed for success, most people are programmed to avoid failure. This programming controls how you react to hundreds of situations, each and every day. And the way you react reveals what your programming really is.
There are many different warning signs all around us that reveal we are suffering from a poverty mentality. Like posted traffic signs and speed limits, these warning signs are there for our benefit, helping us raise awareness. Three of the most common warning signs I see are the following: Constant Money Fixation: What do you think about money? When do you think about it, are you concerned about how much of it you lack, or how much you can manifest? Have you ever thought about why you want to manifest money in the first place? Most poor people spend all their time thinking about money (or more specifically, their lack of it). When I was younger and broke, that’s what I did. I was fixated on money. I thought about all the things I didn’t have and couldn’t get. And I was very jealous of the people who had them.
“I Hate Rich People!” is the second. There is no need being jealous of others who have what you do not have. Jealousy soon turns to hatred. Soon I hated all rich people because they had what I wanted – nice homes, exotic cars, expensive clothes, etc. That’s when the real problems started, because as much as I hated rich people, I was working hard every day trying to become like them, but my attitude was an anti-prosperity one. Fear-Based Decision-Making: Making decisions based on fear of loss or failure never lead towards prosperity. In fact, fear-based decision-making can rob you of any sense of happiness or joy of success, and can therefore distort your behaviour. A fear-based attitude is not prosperity driven. The decisions are not made on what the possible benefits are, but made in order to avoid a possible negative outcome.
You see, poverty is not an absence of money and things - it is a mind-set. And prosperity is not an abundance of money and things - it is also a mentality. We must get out of our comfort zones, seek more knowledge, face fears, and really examine our attitudes.

(Adapted from Randy Gage and DRTOMI)

1. According to this text, what generally influences our priorities in life? How does it affect us? (2 marks)
2. Name two warning signs of a poverty mentality. (1 mark)
3. Why does the author think people are born with neither an abundance mentality nor a lack mentality? (1 mark)
4. According to the author, is it good to spend all your time thinking about money? Justify your answer. (2 marks)
5. What is fear-based decision-making? Give 2 of its effects on a person? (2 marks)
6. Looking at our Cameroonian society today, do you think people have a poverty mentality or a prosperity mentality? Justify your answer. (2 marks)

Section D: composition (10 marks)
Write an essay of between 200 – 250 words on ONE of the following topics. You are reminded of the necessity for good English and orderly presentation of ideas.
1. An international magazine has organized an essay competition on the topic: “Modern methods of communication have transformed our world”. What means of communication do you personally find most useful? Email, mobile phone, teletext, or something else? Choose ONE means of communication and explain exactly how you use it. Then comment on how it has changed your life, pointing out ways in which it has had negative as well as positive effects. The best essay will have a cash prize and will be published in the magazine.
2. As a member of the Health Club in your school, you want to contribute to the fight against the spread of the Corona Virus in your country. Write a letter to the Minister of Public Health. Explain to him why you think the pandemic is spreading at an alarming rate in our country and suggest what everyone including the Government, must do to prevent the pandemic from spreading.

Your name is Badamasi Ndam. Your school is Lycée de Mbimbe. P.O. Box 64 Douala.
3. A recent newspaper article reported that a 14-year-old boy who seriously damaged the administrative block of his school got punishment to clean the streets, instead of being sent to prison. Do you think this is right, or do you think that such criminals should be sent to prison? This was a topic of debate in your Debate Club.


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