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Section A : grammar
I /5 marks (1x1= 5 marks)
1. Though
2. Earlier
3. Since
4. won’t
5. whose
II/ 5 marks (1x1= 5 marks)
1. is
2. eating/to eat
3. fast
4. best
5. hottest
Section B : vocabulary
I/ 5 marks (1x1= 5 marks)
1. catch
2. surf
3. a price
4. sport
5. a team
II / 5 marks (1x1= 5 marks)
1. injured/wounded
2. change/affect/mar/spoil
3. meter
4. or
5. bill

Section C : reading comprehension
1. a) A wall of deadly fog made it difficult for drivers to see at a distance (properly) that December day. 1 marks
b) 1 mark
• A fatal accident occurred involving 16 cars, vans and lorries.
• Sixteen cars, vans and lorries crashed into each other in a huge pile up.
• A woman and two men died and many more were injured.
2. a) Yes 1 mark
b) He says he has put in 17 years of traffic duty. 1 mark
3. He said it was caused by fast and close driving in an area covered by thick fog./ Instead of driving at the safe speed of 25 km/h, people were driving at 80km/h 2 marks
4. - Fast driving 1x2 = 2 marks
• Many drivers are out of touch with the rules of the road and the Highway Code.
• More and more people go against driving rules
• Overtaking on double white lines
• Non respect of traffic lights
• Taking dangerous risks at road junctions.
5. The limited road space/ Narrow roads 1 mark
6. People suggest that government should impose the putting of speed limiters on all vehicles and not just on lorries and coaches. 1 mark

Section D: essay 10 marks
Topic l: Expository essay
Candidates should be able to give and develop three major causes of road accidents in Cameroon.
Mark distribution
Content and organization 4 marks
• Number of ideas developed
• Relevance of ideas
• Logical and chronological development
Expression 3 marks
• Language correctness/correct tenses and syntax
• Appropriate vocabulary/correct choice of words
• Variety of Conjunctions/participles, etc.
Accuracy 3 marks
• correct spellings
• punctuation
• neatness
• etc.

Topic 2: argumentative essay
Candidates should say what they understand by computer science and its usefulness to students of General Education. They should also give its disadvantages. All ideas should be supported with concrete examples.
Mark distribution
Content and organization 4 marks
• Relevance of ideas to the given topic, logical and coherent presentation of ideas _
• Development and organization of paragraphs
• Number of words
I Expression/language 3 marks
• Language correctness/correct tenses and syntax
• Appropriate vocabulary/correct choice of words
• Variety of conjunctions/participles, etc.
Accuracy 3 marks
• Correct spellings
• Punctuation
• Neatness

Topic 3: Formal letter
• Address
• Greetings
Convincing and well developed ideas on why both boys and girls should be given equal opportunities and rights at home and at school.
Greetings / commentaries / closing statement/ Name
Mark distribution
Layout/presentation/format 3 marks
• Sender’s address
• date
• Addressee’s address
• greetings/salutations
• complementary close
Content and organization 4 marks
• Number of ideas developed
• Relevance of ideas
• Logical and chronological development
Expression/language/Accuracy 3 marks
Language correctness/correct tenses and syntax
Appropriate vocabulary / correct choice of words
Variety of conjunctions / participles, etc.
- Correct spellings
- Punctuation
- Neatness


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