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A, C& D
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Section A : Grammar
Exercise / 1x5 = 5 marks
1. have been talking
2. is practiced
3. cheating
4. better
5. should not re-elect

Exercise II 1 x 5 = 5 marks
1. not to gain weight
2. of her
3. you go on a diet or start working out.
4. why the boy child should have more privileges than the girl child.
5. pay for things with his credit card.

Section B : Vocabulary
Exercise I 1 x 5 = 5 marks
1. conclusion
2. friendship
3. behind
4. differences
5. accept

Exercise II / 1 x 5 = 5 marks
1. excluded
2. malnutrition
3. fewer
4. sun/eyed
5. reducing

Section C: Reading comprehension / 10 marks
1. Ebola was considered like some mythic monster. 2 marks
a) In 2014. 0,5 mark
b) It was an epidemic because it affected so many countries and killed so many doctors and nurses. 1.5 marks
3. Some of the difficulties encountered in the fight against Ebola were: weak public-health infrastructure, complications in the patients, government’s inability to respond because they are ill-equipped, and the WHO’s denial to support. 1 mark
4. Some of those fighting the disease said that they were motivated by their belief in God, their love for their countries, the fact that people came from other countries to help, and others said that it was the instinct to face danger without fear. 1 mark
5. An Ebola patient is someone who is in excruciating pains, depressed, hopeless, traumatised, devastated, frustrated or agonised and waiting for death at anytime. 2 marks

Section D: Composition writing
The composition is scored using the 2/3 majority rule

Topic 1: A formal speech. / 10 marks
Expectations: Candidates must be able to present the following:
l-The title of the speech. It must have the following:
a) Presenter b) Occasion/event c) Date
Example of a title.
(A speech presented by the president of the students’ union on the occasion
of...today the...
2 Opening greetings (depending on the hierarchy of people present)
3- Closing address (Candidates thank listeners for their keen attention) Long live… (from the lowest to the highest institution)

EVALUATION CRITERIA: Relevance, coherence, accuracy and originality / 4 marks
Relevance: The candidates are expected to:
• Explain the causes of violence in the school milieu,
• Say who the perpetrators and victims are,
• Say what should be done to solve the problem.
Coherence 3 marks
• Chronological, logical and well organised ideas, use of linking words
• Well connected paragraphs, punctuation/tenses, neatness/number of words
Accuracy 2 marks
• Appropriate choice of words
• Good punctuation/spelling
• Appropriate vocabulary related to violence in the school milieu
• Appropriate grammar
Originality: (optional depending on the topic) 1 mark

Topic 2: An Article. / 10 marks
Expectations: Candidates should:
Re-write the title
Develop the body of the article with ideas on the dangerous consequences of war. (some of the consequences of war may be loss of lives . breakdown of order, destruction of property, separation of families, no schools etc.)
Evaluation criteria: Title, Relevance, coherence, accuracy and Originality
• Title 1 mark
• Relevance: 4 marks
• Coherence 2 marks
• Accuracy 2 marks
• Originality 1 marks

Topic 3: An expository composition.
Expectations: Candidates should:
• Identify the social problem they want to write about,
• Express personal views,
• Say why it is important to them,
• Say how this problem has affected them and others in their communities.
• Propose possible solutions to the problem.
Evaluation criteria: (see topic l above)
Relevance 4 marks
Coherence 3 marks
Accuracy 2 marks
Originality 1 marks