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C & D & E & TI
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l.a. I will punish you unless you stop noise/ Unless you stop noise, I will punish you.
l.b. This is the potent whose daughter is missing
l.c. Edy has tought in BHS Melong tor six years.
l.d. The children cried until their mother come.
l.e. Despite the heary ruin, l went to the hospital/ l went to the hospital despite the heavy rain.

ll.a. didn't they;
ll.b. some;
ll.c. run away;
ll.d. buy;
ll.e. bridge;


l.a. prohibited / forbidden / banned
l.b. dull/ stupid / lazy
l.c. struggle / quest
l.d. electrician
l.e. bridge

ll.l. lf you disobey, you will be punished by the Disciplinary Master of your institution.
ll.2. Congratulations on your brilliant performances during the written and oral phases of the entrance examination to…
ll.3. I heard that you won a second prize during the essay competition organized in your school.
ll.4. Accept my condolences on the death of your relatives in the ghastly accidents that occurred on the Tiko-Douala road.
ll.5. All athletes dream of being gold medalists during National and International competitions.


l) Children under the age of five are overweight worldwide.
2) He warned them because the number of children and adolescents who are obesed are more than that of adults / ... children are affected by obesity than malnutrition.
S) The complications are diseases, high blood pressure and heart disease/ cardiovascular diseases.
4) Genetic factor/genes, hormonal causes too much eating, less exercise and excess weight.
5) False
• They should do a lot of exercises/sports
• Eat less food high in sugar and fat
• Drink a lot of water and milk
• Parents should also educate children on healthy eating habits, etc.


Topic l: description / expository

I. Content and organization

Causes Consequences / effect
Climate change
Inappropriate settlement in marshy areas
Blockage of water
Courses / drainage system
Human and physical damages
• lost of lives
• rural exodus
• famine
• trauma/deaths
• destruction of farms, buildings, roads, etc.
• pollution of the environment

ll. Expression
• Use a varied and appropriate vocabulary
• Use of grammar (subject - verb concord/ conjunction)
• Tenses (appropriateness)
• Varied sentence structures

• Accuracy
• Punctuation;
• Handwriting;
• length of the essay

Topic 2: narrative/expository

I. Content and organization
The candidate should:
• Talk about human changes that have taken place in the world.
Example: technological changes (mobile phones, Internet), environmental changes, etc.
• identify causes of global changes.
Examples: high technology/modernism, climatic changes, etc,
• Give some advantages and disadvantages of global changes. Examples:

Advantages • Disadvantages
• Facilitates communication
• High standard of living
• Leads to competition
• Information/education
• Development in seasonal changes
• etc.
• Pollution (air, water)
• Indiscipline
• Sexual / drug abuse
• etc.

ll. Expression
• Use a varied and appropriate vocabulary
• Use of grammar (subject, verb concord), conjugation
• Tenses (appropriateness)
• Varied sentence structures

Ill. Accuracy
• Punctuation;
• Handwriting;
• Length of the essay

Topic 3: (actual/expository
Content and organization (see topic 1 for details/ guidelines).
Candidates should be able to identity:
Problems faced by youths in their society.
Juvenile delinquency, alcoholism, etc.
Possible solutions (home, school, community)
Parent should:
• discipline their children from birth
• be responsible/duty conscious of home
• Identity their children's friends, etc

The school:
• Moral values be taught at all levels
• Strict discipline
• Etc.

The community
• Every member of the community should he involved in the above.