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Section A : Grammar 10 marks

Exercise 1:

Complete the following dialogue with correct responses in the spaces provided. (5 marks)
a) Customer; What is on the . . . . . today?
Waitress: Rice and vegetable sauce?
b) John : When will you . . . . .to Buea?
Mary: I will do so on Monday.
c) John: . . . . . is taking you there?
Mary : I want to register at the university.
d) Father ; This is your new English textbook.
Son: . . . .very much for it.
Father: Do all to . . . . . your examinations this year
Son: Yes, dad, I will.

Exercise 2:

Fill in the blanks with the correct word selected Hem the brackets (5 marks)
a) You can't travel to Europe . . . . .you have a valid passport (if, until, unless, because)
b) This is the worst disaster we have . . . . seen (never, ever, since, already)
c) He . . . . laced his opponent in the fight. (courage, courageous, courageously, encouraging)
d) I have . . . .. living here for ten years. (being, been, be, ta be)
e) The minister hasn't signed the documents yet. . . . . .he? (hasn't, has, have, is)

Section B: Vocabulary 10 marks

Exercise l:

Fill in the blank spaces in the following sentences with your own words or expressions. (5 marks)
a) Climate . . . .is affecting our environment.
b) The . . . . .is not to blame for the plane crash.
c) You need to do your HIV test to know your . . . . .
d) Take the accident victims quickly to the . . . . . unit at the hospital.
e) Modern . . . . . has enabled us to have mobile phones and computers.

Exercise 2:

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or expression from the brackets. (5 marks)
a) You better go to the nearest . . . . and buy an original textbook. (library, school, bookshop, bookcentre)
b) How many . . . . . hospitals do we have in the country? (referral, reference, referring, refer)
c) A . . . . . enables one to see tiny organisms. (computer, telescope, microscope, thermometer)
d) Darwin is the lather of the theory of . . . . .. (evoluting, evolvement, evolution, ovulation)
e) Arlnold Decan works as a with NASA. (scientific, scientifical, science, scientist)

Section C: Comprehension 10 marks

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that Follow. Use complete sentences and use your own words.

All around me, l see people tolling in love; walking in love, growing with the love they have found - and it accentuates aloneness. For here I am, having conceived two children, given one away, about to hear another alone, and all l ever wanted was love. All l ever longed tor was o home and strong arms to hold me so l could sleep through the night. l wanted someone who would he there with me to meet the mornings
When I was l5, l newer thought the nerd nine years would bring me such despair, emptiness and sorrow. Now at 24, l am still alone. While you are waiting for love to come to you, l have destroyed the hope of waiting because I was never willing to watt. l was so hungry for love that l tried to taste it all too early, too last and now there is little left.
You cannot sell in the game of love and win. To compare it with playing cards, once you've played your ace - given your whole sell - the game is over, and it ever you want to play again, you will have to pay with a worn deck, but with a new partner. The deck gets pretty shabby looking after a while and you will be sad because it is the only deck you have. And it your "King" turns out to be a joker, you pick up the cards and berate yourself for being so blind.
The agony becomes even more real when you see that things could have been very different. It you had known the rules to play by, you might have lost the king you thought you wanted, but your deck would have stayed intact, beautiful, indeed o king could be.
The fear you feel when you love someone and say "No" to him, and the pain that could come it he leaves you for saying "No" seems awesome and devastating to you now - but the greater pain comes when you say "Yes" and he tires of you, calling you "not the kind at girl he wants to marry“. You may choose not to believe me, but it is true.
A man who truly loves you will not ash for your body first. He will ask if you will marry him. He will ask to be the one to provide for you and meet your needs so you can give him in all truth and confidence the secret of your soul.
He will see the sacred beauty at your gilt and will handle it with the gentleness at the man beholding the pearl he has sought for so long.
Value yourself, for you are precious. Don't sell out. Any price you‘re given less than a love willing to commit itself - that price is too cheap. Waiting may seem very hard for you. You think so because you are young and still carry the impatience of o child. Learn patience; it is the beginning of sell-discipline, a lesson that must be learned sooner or later. The sooner you learn it, the greater the joy, the lesser you sorrow. l know l have to learn it now, and l wish l had learned it then

(Called from The Christian Reader vol. 13 N°1, January / February 1975)

1. Mention any two things the writer notices around her.
2.What happened to the writer at the age of 15?
5. Mention any two consequences mentioned in the text on o girl who easily says "Yes" to a man.
4. How does a man who really love behave?
5. What advice does the writer give young people? Is this necessary? Justify.

Section D: Essay 10 marks

Write an essay between 255 - 306 words on one of the Following topics.
1. Modern technology has brought more harm than good to the society. Do you agree?
2. The problems of youths and possible solutions.
5. You accompanied o hunter to a hunting expedition. Tell the story.