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Vous êtes ici : AccueilEXAMENSCorrection épreuve d’anglais au baccalauréat C’ D E et TI 2017
C & D & E & TI
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Section A: GRAMMAR

A.1. nor;
A2. doesn't she;
A3. don’t have to;
A4. in;
A.5. yours

B.l . told her off;
B.2. to do;
B.3. for;
B4. isn't;
B.5. did you notice?

Section B: Vacabulary

A.1. laboratories;
A2. scientists;
A3. Researches / experiments;
A4. Experiments / researches;
A5. factories;
A.6. mass production;
A.7. vending machines;
A8. automatic;
A.9 Invention;
A.10 microchip.

B.1. Bungalow — j) a one-storey house
B.2. Packaging – i) paper or plastic tor wrapping
B.5. Factory - h) a place where goods are produced
B.4. Recycling - g) using again, perhaps in another form
B.5. Habitat - f) a place where an animal lives
B.6. Experimenting - o) trying something out
B.7. Verdict - el a decision in court
B.8. Resort - d) a place where people go on holiday
B.9. Blackmail — c) getting money from people by threats.
B.10.Symptom — b) descripting on illness you can easily catch.

Section C: Reading comprehension

1. Renewable, clean and efficient power have become important.
2. Seven (7) nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, solar, coal, oil, gas.
Less expensive because:
• It requires little maintenance,
• It can be anywhere high above the ground (even in remote areas).
• It is pollution free

Reliable because:
• It uses wind [last and turbulent air)
• It accounts for more than 51.000 megawatts globally

4. It is pollution free/ It can be placed even in remote areas (mountain tops and out at sea) / It requires little maintenance.
5. Nuclear power meltdown kills {causes fire and accidents, case of Chernobyl, Russia) / Disposing of nuclear waste will become problematic despite safety techniques. /Risk of waste stored falling into the hands of dangerous people.
6. Hydroelectric / hydrogen fuels / Fossil fuels (gas — cool – oil)
7. Open answer
• Yes, solar energy could solve Eneo's problems of energy supply and constant electric cats.
• Yes, Cameroon is in the equatorial zone and only the sun’s energy could reduce the cost oh electricity in Cameroon and make people live o more comfortable life.
• No, it may be very expensive and Cameroon doesn't have the right experts to manage it.


Topic 1: argumentative
• Give arguments on both sides
• Take a stand

l. For:
• Cheap / Efficient/ Clean.
• Gives a country a status at force/ power . )
• Has prevented another world war (fear of massive destruction)
• Provides energy

2. Against:
• Dangerous in the hands of dictators
• There are other sources at energy which are cheaper and more reliable (wind)
• Causes environmental hazards (difficult to handle waste)