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Vous êtes ici : AccueilEXAMENSEpreuve d’anglais au baccalauréat C, D, et TI 2017
C & D & E & TI
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Section A: Grammar. 10 marks.

A. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.
I. The boy could neither read . . . . . .write. (and, or, nor)
2. Ann catches the bus . . . . (does she? doesn’t she? Didn’t she?}
3. We . . . . .. . go to school on Friday. It is a holiday. (mustn’t / don't have to / should)
4. How many desks ore there . . . . . . this classroom? (into, at, in)
5. Are these books . . . . . ? (your own , your, yours)

B. Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence.
l. I (told off her / tell her off / told her off) for leasing the office unlocked.
2. What do you intend (doing / to do / done) about the leaky pipes?
5. Many showed a complete disregard (for / with/ in) her own safety.
d. Is my father coming with us? No, he {doesn’t / didn’t / isn’t)
5. When you passed the town hall clock, (did you notice / were you noticing / were you noticed) what time it was?

Section B : vocabulary. 10 marks

A. Complete the passage with some of the words From the box. Use a word or group of words only once.

Scientists, experiments, laboratories, invention, automatic, mass production, researches, factories, microchip, labor-saving, vending machines.

Experts claims that progress is being made in all scientific fields, and in most cases they are right. In . . . l ). . . all round the world, . . . 2). . . carry out . . . 5). . . and do important . . . 4). . . into ways of improving technology.
Machinery has already replaced large numbers of workers in many . . .5). . ., and prices of electrical goods have been reduced by . . . 6). . . .. Many of us are now quite used to the convenience of getting tickets, snacks and soft drinks from . . . 7). . . , and we are able to use . . . 8). . . domestic appliances to make housework easier. Perhaps the . . . 9). . . which has mode the most dramatic difference to life in developed countries is the . . . 10) . . . in our computers.

B. Match each word in column A with its definition in column B.
Do not use any item more than once.

Column A Column B
1. bungalow trying something out
2. packaging describing an illness you can easily catch
3. factory getting money from people by threats
4. recycling a place where people go on holiday
5. habitat a decision in court
o. experimenting a place where an animal lives
7. verdict using again, perhaps in another form
8. resort a place where goods are produced
9. blackmail paper or plastic tor wrapping
10. symptom a one-storey house.

1-. . . .;
2. . . . .;
3. . . . .;
4- . . . ;
5. . . . .;
5- . . . ..'
6. . . . .
7. . . . .
8. . . . .
9. . . . .
10. . . . . .

Section C : Reading comprehension. 10 marks

Read the passage carefully and answer the question that follow it.
Use the spaces provided. Use good English, and your own wards as far as possible.

Alternative Energy Sources
The population recently reached the sis billion mark and will continue to grow at an exponential rote in the future. As the population increases, so will the demands for resources like food, water, and electricity. Renewable, clean, and efficient power is increasingly important as limited fossil fuel sources slowly disappear, and pollution becomes more of an issue. However, the industry has already begun to answer many of the tough questions about where our power will come front in the future.
Today, there are several ways of generating power. Nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, solar, coal, oil and gas, are the most significant methods.
Many people believed solar power would solve the world’s energy problems. After all, if we could harness all of the sun’s energy that hit the earth in a one minute period it could power the entire planet for a year. In fact, only a hundredth of a millionth of one percent of the sun's power even arrives at the planet. Solar power is already used to heat pools and homes and photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Unfortunately, although these cells are becoming more reasonably priced, they are expensive in comparison to the amount of electricity they create. They would be unreliable as a sole source of power. ,
Wind power is one of the most promising prospects for the future. It is inexpensive and fairly reliable. Wind turbines are placed high above the ground to take advantage of faster, less turbulent air flows. It is the fastest growing renewable energy source in the world and globally it accounts for more than
31.000 megawatts. Wind power is absolutely pollution free and wind turbines can be placed in remote areas like mountain tops and out at sea. In addition, they require little maintenance.
Nuclear power is also an interesting alternative to fossil fuels. It is cheap, efficient, and clean. Nuclear energy is generated as fission unleashes the energy stored in the atom. Many people fear the nuclear meltdowns like the one that occurred in Chernobyl, a plant in the former Soviet Union. However, these events are rare, and more people have died in fires and coal mine accidents. Unfortunately, the disposing of nuclear waste will eventually become a problem despite safety techniques. Scientists use safe containers to store the waste, but as it accumulates it would be hard to store and keep out of the hands of dangerous people.
Hydroelectric facilities utilize water, o renewable resource, to turn turbines. They are absolutely pollution free, but can disrupt the river and ocean habitats where they are constructed. Many dams are now built with fish ladders to help salmon who migrate upstream to make their yearly mating journey. Yet, many fish can still be caught in turbines, and changes in the currents and structure of a river con severely damage the habitat. In addition, hydroelectric dams require a powerful river and suitable areas are scarce. Therefore, hydroelectric power would be unable to grow with demand.
Hydrogen fuels are also o promising alternative for the future. Hydrogen fuel cells, which combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, are currently used tor HASA’s space vehicles because they are light weight and release a lot of energy. In fact, they release 7 times more energy than an equal amount of cool. 0n top of this, hydrogen can be burned purely to release only water. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on the planet and the most abundant element in the universe. The only down side is that hydrogen on earth is most often trapped in water, biomass, fossil fuels, and some inorganics.
There are several.
The traditional sources of power are fossil fuels. They include coal, oil, and natural gas. Of them all natural gas is the cleanest while coal generally causes the most environmental pollution in the form of smog, soot, acid rain, and toxic metal compounds.

(Adapted from

1. What has become important with the disappearance of fossil fuel sources?
2. How many current ways of generating power have been mentioned in the passage? Name them.
3. Why, according to the passage, is wind power less expressive and fairly reliable?
4. What, according to the passage, are the advantages of wind power?
5. Bring out the disadvantages of nuclear power as mentioned in the passage.
6. Nome two other sources of power production.
7. Do you think solar energy should be encouraged in Cameroon? Give your TBUSOHS.


Write an essay of between 250 — 300 words on any ONE of the following topics.
1. Should nuclear power be used us the main source of energy?
2. Write o letter to your penfriend in London telling him the causes and consequences of rural exodus in your village.
Your penfriend's name is Tony Adoms. Your name is Onono Blaise and your address P.0. Box 98, Ulamze.
5. A mod cow ran into your school during one morning assembly. Describe what happened next.