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A, C& D
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Section A: Grammar / 10 marks

Exercise l / 5 marks

l- exciting
2- had
3- hardly
4- better
5- encouragement

Exercise II / 5 Marks

l- Sani said that he / she would see the dentist to extract his/her bad tooth the following week.
2- Mengla and Dion did not greet each other at the stadium.
3- This is the player who won the best scorer’s award at the AF CON tournament in Cameroon.
4- The students were sent away by the principal because they refused to apologise to their English language teacher.
5- If the trader had been polite, I would have bought everything from him.

Section B: Vocabulary / 10 marks

Exercise I / 5 marks

1-spreads / moves / goes / disseminates.
2- styles / designs / items / models / goods.
3- addresses
4- profile
5- online / virtual

Exercise II / 5 marks

1- Damaging
2- Health
3- Wages
4- Liver
5- Devices

Section : Reading comprehension / 10 marks

1- It was first conducted on people who had inflammation in the body. 1 mark
2- The people on whom the research was conducted. 1 mark
3- It can lower stress levels, improve one’s ability to do mathematics, reduce the inflammation rate in the body and can lower stroke risks. 2 marks
4- The amount of chocolate that can give the best result is 6.7g a day. 1 mark
5- The antioxidant in chocolate is called flavonoid. 1 mark
6- Yes/No + justification. 2 mark
7- Kochlar and Sara Sahib. 1 mark
8- Yes/No + justification 2 marks

Section D : Composition writing 10 Marks

The composition is scored using the 2/3 majority rule

Topic I : An article

EXPECTATIONS : Candidates must be able to present the following: .
• Give the title of the article. (at the beginning) l mark
• Use only the name/title given for the writer. (at the close of the article) 1 mark

Topic 2: Expository / opinion essay

EXPECTATIONS: Candidates should:
• name any community of their choice without disclosing their identities.
• bring out the dangers of premarital sex, give advice to parents, children and the community.
• also propose possible solutions to stop the phenomenon.

Topic 3: An informal letter / l0 MARKS

EXPECTATIONS: Candidates must be able to present the following:
• use the layout of an informal letter.
• use only the addresses given ,
• follow the requirements of the question.