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A, C& D
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Section A : Grammar 10 marks

I. 5 marks
a) don’t
b) having
c) Although
d) their
c) Would
II. 5 marks
a) My sister said she was very happy that day because she got a job the previous week (the week before). /My sister said she was very happy that day because she had got a job the previous week.
b) This is the colleague who was sanctioned for unjustified absences.
e) Neither smoking of cigarettes nor drinking alcohol is good for students.
d) The Covid- 19 rules must be observed by all participants at the conference.
e) Does a receptionist welcome and help visitors as well as answer the phone’!

Section B: Vocabulary / 10 marks

I / 5 marks
1. bookshop
2. masks
3. hereditary
4. buy
5. mall
II. 5 marks
1. charges
2.Automatic Teller Machine
4. credit cards
5. transfer

Section C: Reading comprehension / 10 marks

1. It is an instructional system which connects learners across distance out of the classroom with educational resources through various forms of phone or computer-based communication. / It is learning that takes place across distance over the internet and not in a traditional classroom.
2. a) Correspondence courses
b) CD-ROM courses
c) Tele courses
d) Online learning
e) Mobile learning
3. Learners can follow an online lesson from home, work, school or anywhere in the world.
4. Online distance learning is available all the time and anywhere / it allows for openness- it is convenient for workers! Meets the need of an ever-increasing population and tits exigencies of the Covid-19 pandemic.
5. To participate in an online distance class, the learner needs access to a computer, the internet and the motivation to succeed in a non-traditional classroom.
Opinion answer

Section D: Composition writing 10 marks

General instructions
The composition is scored using the 2/3 majority rule and according to the following evaluation criteria: relevance, coherence, accuracy and originality.
I. Relevance of the production to the topic 3 marks
ll. Coherence - logical presentation of ideas and paragraphs that are linked to the topic. 3 marks
III. Accuracy - choice of appropriate words, use of correct punctuation marks, accurate spellings, correct syntax and grammar, etc. 3 marks
IV. Originality 1 mark
Mark allocation for a letter
Sender's address
Date - 1 mark
Greetings/ Salutation 1 mark
Complementary close 1 mark
Relevance 3 marks
Coherence - 2 marks
Accuracy — 2 marks

Topic 1: A TALK
The candidate is expected to present a talk to the parents of youths on the causes of teenage pregnancies and what can be done to reduce or stop this phenomenon. He/ she has to encourage parents, with valid reasons, to continue educating their pregnant teenage daughters.

Mark distribution
Presentation! Layout
Title of talk e.g. A talk on... presented by... 1 mark
Opening address / greetings I mark
Closing address 1 mark
Relevance of production with regard to the slated expectations.
Accuracy : See general instructions above.

Topic 2: Informal letter
The candidate is expected to write a letter to his/her angry father to explain the cause of the fight that led to his/her suspension from classes, and to make a serious commitment never to fight again.

Mark distribution
Layout / Presentation / Format
sender's address
greetings /salutations
complementary close
Relevance of the production to the candidate's explanation and commitment.
Chronological, logical and well organised ideas,
Well connected paragraphs.
Appropriate choice of words,
Good punctuation / spelling.
Appropriate vocabulary,
Appropriate grammar.

Topic 3 Argumentative essay
The candidate is expected l0 define modem technology, examine both its positive and negative sides to show whether it is doing more harm to youths than good. He/she has to give concrete examples to support his / her point of view.

Mark distribution
Relevance of production to the topic. (Sec general instructions above.)