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Answer all the questions
Section one: Grammar (10 marks)
I- Use the word in the brackets to join the pair of sentences into one meaningful sentence (5 marks)
1. He is the man. Thieves stole his car. (whose)
2. Joe was punished. He his teacher. (for)
3.The telephone rang. Thad had dinner. (while)
4. This is the village. A volcano erupted in this village. (where)
5. Farmers worked for a long time. Farmers had a rest. (after)
II- Rewrite each sentence following the instructions in brackets. (5 marks)
1. The Indomitable Lions defeated Egypt, ……. …… ? (question tag)
2.” Don’t be silly!” said my mother…. … (indirect speech)
3. His uncle visited him last week. … … … (ask a question)
4. At 7 o’clock tonight, I … … … my homework. (use the future continuous tense with ‘do’)
5. The more you exercise, the … … … you feel. (use an adjective)

Vocabulary (10 marks)
I- Give a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined word. (2.5 marks)
1. My adversaries almost killed me. … … …
2. Her uncle is a very wealthy man. .. … …
3. The girl is so naïve that she believes what everybody says. … …
4. I dislike talkative persons. … … …
5. The harvest is plenty this year. … … …

II- Fill in the blank in each sentence using the correct form of the word in brackets. Punctuate where necessary. (2.5 marks)
a) Ekane is the happy … … … (win) of this year’s Mount Cameroon Race of hope.
b) The pilot did the 6 hour journey without a problem and landed. … … … (safe)
c) Many girls abandon school because of … … … (wanted) pregnancy.
d) … … … (watch) television is my favourite past time.
e) If you … … … (division) 15 by 3, you obtain 5.

III- Use a ward of your own to complete each sentence so that it makes sense. (5 marks)
l. Ekouma has always failed in his life. He has never known … … …
2. I do not have money anymore. I have to … … … some money from my friend. He always lends me some money whenever I do not have any.
3-. I have forgotten all of my friends’ telephone numbers. I have to look for them in the Telephone … … …
4. If you-want to make a phone call, you should first of all … … … a number.
5. My father earns a very low salary. That is why he often goes to the bank to get a … … … to pay our school fees.

Section three: Reading comprehension (10 marks)
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions based on it. Use your own words as far as possible.
Global warming has been described as the greatest threat facing humanity. What worries researchers, says the journal Science, “is the prospect that we’ve started a slow-moving but relentless avalanche of change”, Sceptics question this assertion. True, many agree that the earth is warming. but they are uncertain of both the causes and consequences. Human activities may be a factor, they say, but not necessarily the primary one. Why the disagreement?
For one thing, the physical processes that underlie global climate systems are complex and not fully understood. According to a report of the UN-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change (IPCC), global warming is “unequivocal” or a "fact: and very likely mankind is largely to blame. Some who differ with the conclusion, in regard to the human
factor, concede that cities may t-e heating because they are growing in size.
It is believed that climate change is a sequence of the greenhouse effect, natural phenomena vita! for life on earth. When energy from the sun reaches the earth, about 70% of it is absorbed in heating the air, land and sea. The absorbed heat is released back into space as infrared radiation, thus preventing the earth from overheating. But when pollutants change the composition of the atmosphere, less heat escapes. This can cause the earth’s temperature to rise.
Gases that contribute to the greenhouse (effect include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane as well as water vapour. The atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases has increased remarkably over the past 250 years, since the start of the industrial revolution and the increased use of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil.
Another greenhouse-enhancing factor seems to be the rising population of farm animals, whose digestive processes produce methane and nitrous oxide.

(Culled from Awake of August 2008.)

l. What, according to your understanding of the passage, is global warming? (2 marks)
2. Why do we blame global warming on mankind? (2 marks)
3. Explain the meaning of “greenhouse effect”. (2 marks)
4. Name the four gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. (2 marks)
5. What do you think could be done to control or prevent global warming? (2 marks)

Section four: Composition writing (10 marks)
Write an essay of between 250 and 300 words on any ONE of the following topics:
1. “A woman must be submissive to a man.” Do you agree with this statement?
2. Write an article in your school magazine on the characteristics of good music. Also say why pornographic music must be barmed. Your name is Abdou Bass and your school magazine is The Vox Populi.
3. Write a letter to the Minister of Secondary Education complaining about the lack of infrastructure (toilets, classrooms, infirmary and a library) in your school. Make sure you convince the Minister to do something to remedy the situation. Your name is Bando Rickel and your address is GBHS Manon of P. O. Box 39, Konge.


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