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Section A : GRAMMAR

l.a) No matter how hard I studied, I still failed the exam.
b) In spite at the heavy rain,/In spite of the tact that the rain was heavy, the boys played the match.
c) Tired at his violent wife/ Tired al his wiles violence, he abandoned his home.
d) Until the rains returned in October,/ Until the return at the rains in October, the farmers did not plant the crops.
e) By the time Peter arrived (at) Tabi's village, Tabi (he) had left/By the time he arrived Tabi's village, Tobi had left.

ll.a) ever;
ll.b) at;
ll.c) so;
ll.d) no longer;
ll.e) haven't


la) gifted, skilled, experienced, smart, intelligent. clever.
b) desperate, helpless, serious, bad
c) exhausted, warn out, drained, spent, burnt out, weaned.
d) wedded, joined/united (in matrimony), espoused.
e) well known, renowned, celebrated, acclaimed, brilliant, distinguished, excellent, great, outstanding, popular.

ll.i) Always keep medicine out of the reach at children.
2) One man's meat is another man's poison.
S) The candidate handed in an uncompleted file for the contest.
4) The guard lilted his hat in reverence to the Queen.
5) It's advisable to always switch all the lights at bedtime.


l. loan /The story of Joan /Joan's story / Pandora / Sexual abuse/ Rape/ Undeserved suffering
2. When she was a little girl
When she was a child
When she was young
By her grandfather
3. Perpetual / her teacher
She sneaked into Joan's bed at night and exploited her.
4. Feeling dejected / devastated/ had low self-esteem / feeling empty/ undesired / unwanted / traumatised/ had no anxiety to live.
5. Centre/ rehabilitation centre / home / healing centre for sexually abused or traumatised persons.
• Joan regained self esteem
• The centre gave her a new sense of hope
• It enabled her reach out to others
• It gave her stability
• She learned many lessons in life
• It gave her more meaning to life.


Topic l:

Candidates are expected to
• name event / experience
• say where/ when it happened
• explained in detail how it happened
• end with "It was the worst"

Topic 2:

Candidates should be able to expose the pros and cons demonstrating their ability to link similar and opposing ideas indicate that students are partly responsible as well as the other stake holders (the teachers, stale parents social and economic environment) etc. round up their arguments indicating their stance.

Topic 3:

Title: a speech presented by (optional)
• Opening (greeting = start with the highest to the lowest personalities ending with ladies and gentlemen.
• The body should have persuasive language ta achieve the intention of the topic .e.g. risk of premarital sex (STS, AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, etc.)
• The closing: long live…(from the lowest to the highest institution).