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Section A: Grammar 10 marks

I. Join each pair of sentences by completing the ones started for you. Make the necessary changes where needed. (5 marks)
a) I studied very hard. I still failed the exams. Na matter . . . . .
b) The rain was heavy. The boys played the match. In spite of . . . . .
c) His wile is violent. He abandoned his home. Tired of . . . . .
d) The farmers did not plant the crops. The rains returned in October. Until . . . . .
e) Tobi had left the village. Peter arrived at Tabi’s village. By the time . . . .

2. Fill the spaces with the correct expression chosen from those in brackets. (5 marks)
a) Have you . . . . . . ridden on a wooden horse? (never, ever, never yet)
b) Holidays are better spent . . . . . . the seaside than on the mountains. (in, at, an)
c) Our trainer's advice this year has been . . . . . . useful that we came first in the competition. (quite, quiet, so)
d) The Bola shoe making company . . . . . . exists in Cameroon. (does no longer, any longer, no longer)
e) Our friend took some snap shots at the wedding, but we . . . . . . seen them yet. (haven't, have no, aren't)

SECTION B: vocabulary / 10 marks

I. Fill the blanks with synonyms of the underlined items as used in the contexts. Write each item in the space provided. (5 marks)
a) Pele was an extremely talented Brazilian footballer . . . . .
b) The victims of the accident are in a hopeless condition . . . . .
c) I was very tired alter so many hours of work on the farm . . . . .
d) The young captain is married to a very beautiful lady . . . . . .
e) Samuel Eto'o is one of the most famous footballers today . . . . . .

2. Match the expressions in column A with those in column B.
Write the complete answers in the lines below. (2,5 marks)

Column A Column B
l. Always keep medicine a) in reverence to the Queen
2. One man's meat b) off the lights at bedtime
3 The candidate handed in c) out of the reach of children
4. The guard lifted his hat d) is another man's poison
5. It's advisable to always switch e) an uncompleted file for the contest


SECTION C : Reading comprehension 10 MARKS

Read the following passage and answer the questions below it in complete sentences. Use your own words as far as you can.

My name is Joan. My story begins from when I was a little girl, an innocent child at the hands of a cruel grandfather. About twice a year, my family would fly out ta where my grandparents lived. That's haw my young life started, being violently raped and abused over and over again. And that's haw the sexual abuse continued throughout my entire childhood.
When l reached 9th grade, I was sent away to an all-girls boarding school. l had been in and out of schools every year of high school and when l was in 11th grade (in yet again, a new school) that's where I met Perpetua. She was my teacher, and I confided in her, the secret that I had been holding in all those years. She responded with kindness and compassion. But soon alter, she went on to take advantage of my vulnerability, and continued the horrid pattern that my life had claimed. She would crawl into my bed at night and exploit and shatter whatever human part of me my grandfather had left behind. She stole any innocence that had been forgotten, she tore me apart once again – leaving me more broken than I had ever been.
The next two years went by, filled with numbness and unbearable pain.
Filled with emotions I had never known existed. Filled with an emptiness that was so hollow, I was a walking dead person. The endless amount of sleepless nights became o ritual in my twisted schedule. The daily confusion and absolute loss that consumed me is indescribable. This torturous hell was my life as I had come to know it.
Then l found Pandora's. I found a place that not only accepted me for who l was, but supported me for what I went through. A place where not only was I understood, but I in turn learned to understand more and more about the devastating effects of sexual abuse. I learned that it was normal to have flashbacks, to have body memories - I learned a whole new language and turned to this new world where things finally made sense. I spent countless hours glued to my computer screen filled with excitement and relief.
Pandora's has opened my mind and touched my soul. The amount of strength and courage shown by each and every member at this wonderful community, has taught me life lessons that I will take with me wherever I go.
Pandora's has opened my mind and touched my soul. It has given me the ability to reach out to others in my situation and the strength that I need to go on every day. It has given me a sense of stability that I don't think I would have been able to find anywhere else. A place to go wherever and whenever I need. Pandora's has been a huge tool that I've used to move forward with. It continues to give me hope — a new sense of hope each and every day.
I am still continuing on in my healing journey. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation to those who obviously put forth on awe-inspiring amount into this community (Pandora's) and to the survivors for their courage and bravery to survive this horror. Thank you Pandora's for bringing me to the next level on my healing journey.

l. Suggest a title tor this passage.
2. When was Joan raped for the first time and by whom?
3. Who was the next person to abuse Joan? How did it happen? ’
4. Explain: "I was a walking dead person"
5. What do you think Pandora's is?
6. Name two significant things that Pandora's achieved in the lite of Joan.


Write an essay between 250 - 230 words on any one of the following topics.

l. Describe an event that you lived. Let your story end with: "It was the worst experience l had ever had since l was on adolescent."
2. Students are solely responsible for the falling standards of education in
Cameroon today. Do you agree?
3. You are the President of the English club in your school and it is bilingualism Day. Make a speech in which you persuade your comrades to stay away from sex before marriage. The name of your school is GBHS NYAMBHTA.