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Section A : Grammar. 10 marks

I. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the item in the brackets.
1. Hold that knife . . . . . (careful) in order not to cut yourself.
2. There are five . . . . . (hundred) students in our school.
3. In the village, our grand-parents usually tell us the . . . . .(good) stories they know.
4. Eleven of the twelve animals in the . . . . . .(China) calendar can be either male or female.
5. Last Sunday l . . . . . (must) go to church earlier to have a better seat.

II. Complete each blank with the correct form of the item in the brackets.

1. I wish I . . . . . fly like a bird to avoid wasting time in traffic jams. (can)
2. The government is looking forward to . . . . . new studio in all the regional headquarters. (to build)
3. It Engambo had used a stabilizer, his television set . . . . . (not to break down)
4. I always like eating corn fufu, but today, l’d like . . . . rice. (to eat)
5. The police . . . . to protect the citizens and their property against criminals. (to have).

Section B: Vocabulary. 10 marks

1. Fill in each of the blanks in the sentences below with the correct item chosen From the list provided. Each item should be used only once.

List: cash note, timing-room, rest, prosecutor, jobless, show-room, defendant, balance, employed, bank note.

1. When my father gets home after work, he first sits in the . . . . .to watch television.
2. The President at the Republic is very worried by the increased number of . . . . . Cameroonians.
3. The . . . . . was accused of smuggling.
4. The price of the pair at trousers is 5.000 frs; I gave in a 10.000 frs and I'm waiting tar the 5.000 frs.

II. Match each job in column A with the tool used in that job in column B. write your answers in the space provided.

Column A Column B Answers
1. Referee a. Computer 1.
2. Butcher b. Bulb 2.
3. Cook c. Bowl 3.
4. Electrician d. Whistle 4.
5. Typist e. Knife 5.

III. Fill in each blank in the following extract with the correct item.

An overdraft is a short term loan accorded to salaried workers by a bank where the workers’ accounts are located. In principle, it does not exceed 50% of the client's . . . . . . and is deducted automatically from his or her . . . . . account immediately salaries are available. Opened to the public, . . . . . and other categories of workers with a financial situation, the demander's salary serves as collateral for the . . . . Meanwhile, people with medium term and amortized loans in the some bank can only be eligible if their credits do not exceed the authorized 40% monthly deduction.

Section C: Comprehension. 10 marks

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that are based on it. Use correct English sentences, and as far as possible, your own words.

Doctor Irina Bokova!

Authorities of the University of Yaounde l, precisely those at the Higher Teachers’ Training College in Yaounde, Department of Science of Education on September 16*“ 2014 awarded the UNESCO Director General, Irina Bokova with the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa in Science of Education from the University of Yaounde l. She is the female authority to be conferred with that honorary degree at the University of Yaounde l.
In the presence of a host of government ministers, members of the diplomatic corps, university dons and the student community, the Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo handed the Bulgarian dignitary her degree of Doctor Honoris Causa while the rector of the University of Yaounde l, Professor Maurice Aurelien Sosso, dressed her in the regalia that befits her new title. Before granting the new title to the UNESCO boss, the Secretary General of the University of Yaounde I, Jean Emmanuel Pondi said that it was a major decision taken during the Board of Directors meeting of the Higher Teachers’ Training College in which

Section D : essay. 10 marks

Write an essay of between 250 and 300 words on anyone of the following topics.-
t. According to you, ore Comeroonions happier now with technological progress thon before?
2. Talk about any disease you know: how it is got, the symptoms, how it is cured (modern and tradition ways ii possible), and the why to prevent it
3. Write o letter of congratulations to your friend who has passed his exam into ENS Yaounde. Your name is Peter Nkeng, P.0. B. 215 about. Your friend’s name is Amoug Domien P.0. Box Ayes.