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Answer all questions
Section A: grammar. (10 marks)
l. Complete each blank with the appropriate form of the expression in the brackets. (5 marks)
l. Last Friday, l … … (to feel) tired after all day … … (to cook) for my grandmother’s birthday.
2. Although he … … (to begin) late, he finished the work on time.
3. Before the laboratory technician arrived, the angry customer … … (to break) the glass door.
4. Had I … … (to know) about the state of the road. I would have worn my boots.

II. Complete these sentences with the correct expression chosen from the brackets. (5 marks)
l. The boy … … (has, did. was) mercilessly … … (bite, beaten, bitten) by the mad dog.
2. What are you … … (going to do, going to, going) in December?
3. I am not good … … (in, on. at) Physics.
4. Ndiyob is a good boxer but he is not … … to face Mike Tyson. (enough, enough qualitied. qualified enough)

Section B: Vocabulary. (10 marks)
1. Fill each space with an appropriate word chosen from the box. There are two words you do not need to use. (5 marks)

eating, checked, hit, sightseeing, believe, beach, enjoy

You won’t … … … what happened to me last week. I went in Limbe with my family. We planned to visit the zoo, the mountain and the Botanic Gardens. We also wanted to spend some time near the sea so we …. …. … into a hotel that was very close to the … … … . At night, we could hear the sound of the waves as they … … … the rocks. It was great!

II Choose the correct word from the list in the brackets to complete each sentence. (5 marks)
1- The … … … of my computer has a problem so I can’t type the text. (hard drive, key board, printer)
2. Please, … … … (jeer, cheer, tear) the athletes up. They are doing a great … … …(job, work, occupation).
3. The passer-by gave a clear … … … (story, account, reckoning) of the incident.
4. Gorillas and elephants are endangered … … … … (types, species, mates) in my country.

Section C: Comprehension. (10 marks)
Read the text and answer the questions which follow. As far as possible, use your own words.

The Visitor
Twenty-six year old Johnson was relaxing in his living room one day when he heard a knock on his door. He put down the book that he was reading and went to open the door. Standing before him was an elegant looking young man who requested to be allowed in. Johnson moved aside and allowed the young man in without actually knowing who he was. Since he had been brought up to show respect and reverence for everyone he meets, Johnson decided not to ask any questions for fear of being rude. The visitor introduced himself as Johnson's elder brother's friend and picked up a very interesting conversation with the host. They discussed about the book Johnson was reading, happenings in town and personal lives. While they were talking, Johnson entertained his guest with some food and drink. After eating, the visitor was tired and fell asleep on the couch. While taking away the used plates and glasses, Johnson noticed that his guest held a piece of paper containing names of people who were shortlisted to die. The first three names had been crossed out and written “mission accomplished" so Johnson's name was now the first on the list.
it became clear to Johnson that this man was Death. He did not see himself dying at such a tender age so he decided to act fast. He took the list from Death's hand, hurried to his bedroom, got an ink blotter and as carefully as possible, blotted out his name from the position where it was and exchanged it with the name in the last position on the list. He was very cautious to get the exact handwriting on the paper. When he finished, he tip-toed back to the living room and placed the paper where he had taken it from. Satisfied with his action, Johnson sat on another sofa and went back to his book.
After a while, Death got up from sleep. He was surprised that he had slept off in the house of a complete stranger. Nevertheless, he smiled at his host and said to him; “I have been visiting homes, hospitals, work places and so on but wherever I go, people never welcome me. Sometimes, I am stoned, in some places I am cursed, and some people just give up and let me have my way. I am truly impressed with your attitude. We had decided that today was your day to leave this world and join your ancestors. I am not supposed to tell you this but since you received me with much love and generosity, I have decided that I will take my victims from the bottom of the list instead". He turned the paper upside down, ticked the last name and wrote "mission accomplished". Johnson collapsed on the sofa before Death finished pronouncing the last word

(Culled from; Short stories by O Kale).

1. Why did the visitor come? (1 mark)
2. Name two things which show that the host is well brought-up. (2 marks)
3. The visitor told a lie to Johnson. What was it? (2 marks)
Tick (\(\sqrt {} \)) the correct answer.
4. Johnson did not want to die because: (1 mark)
a) He was tender.
b) He was wise.
c) He was very young.
5. Name four ways in which the visitor was received in his previous visits. (2 marks)
6. In your opinion, why did Johnson collapse? (1 mark)
7. What did you learn from the story? (1 mark)

Section D: Essay. (10 marks)
Write an essay of about 250-300 words on g of the following topics.
l. Write a newspaper article on “the benefits of sports in my country” to be published in Cameroon Tribune. Your name is Nene Sina.
2. There are conflicts in many countries of the world. You are so shocked that many young people are used as soldiers in some countries. Write about the life of a child soldier and propose solutions to solve this problem. Do not use your name.
3. You have realised that many people smoke in public places in your country. As a science student, you know that this is a health hazard. Write a speech which you intend to deliver to members of your village community during their General Assembly. The name of your village is Ndangoh. Your name is Lesinki Asoh.