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Answer all the questions

Section A: Grammar (10 marks)

I.1 Complete each sentence with the correct expression chosen from those in the brackets. (5 marks)
1) Brenda, did the children enjoy. . . . . . . . . when they were on vacation with their grandparents? (each other, one another, themselves)
2) Mr. Atangana, to . . . . . . . .I spoke on the phone last week, is very much interested in our plan to travel to Limbe. (who, whom, which)
3) The match had gone on . . . . . . . . about 60 minutes when a fight broke out between the supporters of both teams. (since, ago, for)
4) Yesterday. I went to the market and bought some oranges and . . . . . . . apple. (a. the. an)
5) I . . . . . . . . badly last night and l now have a headache. (sleep, sleeps, slept)

II. Rewrite the following sentences by respecting the instructions in the brackets. (5 marks)
1) Last year, there was an epidemic of cholera in the village. Many people died. (Use “as a result” to join the sentences)
. . . . . . . .
2) There is something in this bag. (Rewrite the sentence using “anything” to replace “something”)
. . . . . . .
3) We are preparing our article for the school journal. (question tag)
. . . . . . . .
4) The other passengers will get on the train soon. Then we'll leave. (use ‘as soon as’)
. . . . . .
5) “Are the children going to visit their grandparents this weekend?” asked Susan. (Use the reported speech)
. . . . . .

Section B: Vocabulary (10 marks)

l. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words or expression of your own. (5 marks)
1) The girl didn’t buy the blue dress because it was too. . . .. . . . . She didn't have enough money.
2) The classroom is dark. I can’t see what is written on the chalkboard can you please open the door and the. . . . . . . . . . to let in seine light?
3) The old man has been vomiting for some time now. He needs to go to the hospital to see a . . . . . . .practitioner.
4) The Principal went to buy some . . . . . . . . for the physics laboratory.
5) Some Cameroonians speak English and French . . . . . . . . .

ll. Complete the blank spaces with the correct words from the list in the brackets below. There are more words than you will need. (5 marks)

(detergent, guilty, famine, stains, happy, flight, plane)

1) The . . . . . . . . was postponed to Monday at 5 pm so we had to wait for a long time at the airport.
2) This powder soap is really efficient, it removes strong from . . . . . . . . . . clothes
3) The children were very. . . . . . . . .i to talk with their grandparents on the phone.
4) People from this village had suffered from . . . . . . . . . for many months.
5) Ater the final verdict, Mary was found of the child’s death.

Section C: Reading comprehension. (10 marks)

Read the passage and then answer the questions which follow. Use your own words as far as possible.

Outweighing Negative Impacts

Flooding is a natural phenomenon even though it can be the result of human activity. It has occurred in several different places and will continue to do so. As most people are aware, the immediate impact of this catastrophe includes loss of human life, damage to property, destruction of crops, loss of livestock, and deterioration of health conditions owing to waterborne diseases. As communication links and infrastructure such as power plants, roads and bridges are damaged and disrupted, some economic activities come to a standstill as people are forced to abandon their homes.
When social activities come to a standstill due to floods, people tend to lose sources of livelihood. Damage to infrastructure causes long-term impacts, such as disruptions in potable water supplies, waste-water treatment, electricity, transport, communication, education and health care. Floods also traumatise victims and their families for long periods of time. The loss of loved ones has a deep impact, especially on children. Displacement from one’s home, loss of property and disruption in business and social life has caused continuous stress. Some victims say the psychological irnput has been long lasting
Many people and animals have died in flash floods. Many more are injured and others made homeless. Water supply and electricity are disrupted and people struggle and suffer as a result. In addition to this, flooding brings a lot of diseases like pneumonic plague, dysentery and cholera.
Sometimes insects and snakes make their way into the area and cause a lot of havoc.
Flooding in key agricultural production areas can lead to widespread damage to crops, fencing and loss of livestock Crop losses through rain damage, waterlogged soils, and delays in harvesting are further intensified by transport problems due to flooded roads and damaged infrastructure.
In areas of human residency, like in some towns in the Centre and South Regions, floodwaters have been devastating to the surrounding eco-system. Excessive level of water has disrupted the sewage systems, thus delivering raw sewage into the environment which is dangerous because of the increased level of bacteria and pollution that invade rivers and other natural ecosystems. The consequences of floods, both negative and positive, vary greatly depending on the location and extent of flooding, and the vulnerability and value of the natural and constructed environments they affect. Experts say those that occur in floodplains and farm fields bring lots of nutrients that are deposited in the plains. Farmers love such soils. as they are perfect for cultivating some kinds of crops.

(Adapted from Cameroon Tribune. Monday, 30 July, 2018.)


l) In paragraph one, what are some of the immediate consequences of floods? (2 marks)
2) According to this passage, how are victims of floods affected? Give two ways to show how they are affected. (2 marks)
3) Name two diseases often found in flooded areas. (l mark)
4) a) Identify two ways through which floods can contaminate the environment. (2 marks)
b) Why do farmers prefer soils from floodplains and fan-n fields? (1 mark)
5) If you find yourself in an area which is frequently flooded, what two measures will you take to avoid subsequent floods? (2 marks)

Section D: Essay writing (10 marks)

Write an essay of between 250-300 words on any ONE of the following topics.
l) Imagine that you were sent to your village by your Principal to attend a cultural festival organized in honour of the chief of the village. While in the village you were interested in the different activities that were being done. Write an article that will be published in your school magazine clearly showing:
• the different preparations made,
• the importance of this event to the people and the community,
• what you think could be done to ameliorate the things that were not well done.
Your name is Mbinta Udu. The name of the school is GBHS Nsuakka, Korea
2) Educational opportunities are meant for boys and girls but this is not the case in some societies. In some African societies, most of the female children are confined in the homes and others forced into early marriages. You are from a polygamous home where there are more girls than boys. What do you think could be done by the authorities to ameliorate the standards of these girls who have been held down by the caprices of audition and culture?
3) Students are becoming more and more stubborn. They disrespect their parents, teachers and even the school administration. Many people attribute this to their home training. Do you agree?


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